How we Choose our Stories

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Apply the cross in your Story.


I am in awe how God orchestrates our lives. How He brings people and circumstances in our lives when we don`t even realize but when we need them most.   I have been thinking about how He has our lives planned out,  He never leaves us….. He is writing our story each day…   These are comforting words to hear, and common words to use to  comfort others when they need them.  But do we really lean on them ?  Do we give Him our all in order for Him to give us His best?

Today, my heart is full. Full of love and  concern for a sweet friend.  I used those words with her this week.  Words of encouragement we know to be true.  We know to rely on Him in all circumstances… But being human and not perfect in any way, it is easy to let life get in there with those thoughts. Worry, stress,  and fear all creep in. How can they not when faced with a trial, a hard walk.

But then God….

“God is within her, she will not fail.” Psalm 46:5

“The Lord is my strength and my shield.” Psalm 28:76

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the Lord your god is with you wherever you go. “ Joshua 1:9

The unknown is scary.  A diagnosis  of aggressive  leukemia is scary.  You never know what you would do or feel if those were the words that were said to you.


This past week, I witnessed first hand, how the Lord lifts you up and carries you when you cannot walk on your own, when you hear those words.  “Be strong. Be brave. Be fearless. you are never alone.” Joshua 1:9


My friend is living with Jesus in her heart,  and His hope that He tells us in the scripture  is engraved on her heart.  She shines for Him daily.   She is applying the cross to His story for her.  She is able to face this battle with His sweet spirit talking through her.  She has an unwavering  faith  that tells her  it is going to be alright She says she feels His peace around her. She asks that we pray for her husband and girls because she knows this journey will be hard for them.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” She is the Proverbs woman as mentioned in  Proverbs 31:25

Yesterday in church the pastor was talking about how God writes our Stories. When we are feeling disappointed with our lives circumstances, let God write your story. God searches for you to be in His story.  He always makes a way to be in His story.  It always has a redemption ending.  He can do more with our life than we can.  He has so much more of a story for us IF we apply the cross…..

She was there in church. She heard these words. I can only imagine how the words took on so much more of a deep meaning,”  IF we apply the cross”…  Yes, she is applying the CROSS.   He is author of our story.

Now, back to my thoughts at the beginning,  how God is writing and orchestrating our life and circumstances… how He brings people into our lives…..

I remember laughing one time with my sister as we and our husbands were on a cruise and had an assigned table for dinner. It was our goal to be sure it was a table for four. We teased as we said, we didn`t need any more friends to talk to at dinner. We had each other to talk to and besides, it takes work to meet new friends. It takes time to invest in conversation, and we thought that would be fine not to worry about It this time.

Really?!!! As I look back on that conversation, it was meant in fun but so wrong.. LOL…. Gifts are showered down every day.   It we are too busy to see, we miss out on His best.  Friends, included.  When we have the opportunity to meet new friends, what a blessing. What a gift. As I am in this senior citizen stage of my life, when I so enjoy meeting new friends,   I am so thankful  that He isn`t finished with me yet. He isn`t finished  showering those gifts down and I pray that I am not too busy to receive or notice when that happens..

One of those gifts for me has been when I started “Teaching” or as we say, “Facilitating” a group of ladies in Community Bible Study, 13 years ago. He has blessed me each year with a room full of ladies to get to know and to love on as we study His word.  It is not just for the year, once we meet,   I consider them forever friends. Now some move away, some move on to other things, but many, many are still there and a big part of my life blessings.

This particular friend, I just met this year. She was in my class along with 15 other ladies. We met each week. We studied His word, we prayed together and for each other, we got to know about our families, and we  even partied some together.    As we talked each week, we got to know each other better. When the year ended, we hugged, we said good bye but we knew we had access to our class prayer chain if we needed each other.   And soon, we would.


It happened quickly. The last week of CBS, we prayed for the Dr. appointment that she would have soon. Then we prayed for the blood test that were being taken and for the diagnosis so they could get her the right medicine and make her well.

But God….

And now….  As she shared that the diagnosis was not what they had  thought and they would be leaving soon to go to MD Anderson for aggressive treatment…..Our prayers have changed, just a bit…. They are BOLD and urgent…… Knowing He hears, He answers prayers and  He is with her..

So today, I am thankful  for how He isn`t finished with me.  Thankful that He brings new people into my life to call friend. Thankful for her….

Thankful  that SHE  is on a journey with Him, and that He will be leading the team  of Doctors and nurses at the hospital where they will be treating her.

We met for lunch last week, my friend and I.  As we were talking about  her love of making things and my art, she asked me what inspired me…  I said something silly, Pinterest! I love to look through there and get ideas, but as I came home and thought about it…… What inspires me?  God`s creations inspire me… His rainbows, His flowers and grass, His mountains, the innocence of little babies, His children , and yes, included in that list is my sweet friend.  If she asked me again, I would say,  “YOU inspire me, how you always shine for Him and for how you apply the cross to your story as it is being written. ”

Thankful for this friend as we pray BOLDLY , please Lord, heal her body, and make her well..

Have a great week and if you can, will you say a prayer for Julie?



  1. I know this to be true. In a dark time in my life when I saw nothing but the darkness of serious depression, God came to me in the person of one of the nurses, who ministered to me in those dark hours. I believe God worked through my psychiatrist, the nurses in that hospital, and the staff to put me on the road to healing. I still battle depression at times, but God works through the medicine I take to help me feel better.
    Thanks for letting me share this message with your followers.

    1. Glad to hear how, in that hard time, you were ministered to through those who were treating you. He can use any of us, right? thanks for commenting, Gail. Hope you have a great new week!!!

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