Water coloring mandalas

29 May 2016 lifebook2016, Water color 12

I have admired Renata Loree for a few years, ever since I found her art. I even took a class with her online last year and loved it. Well , this week in lifebook2016, she was the featured teacher. I watched her lesson, she actually had two in case you didn`t like the first girl`s head looking up, and waited for one day when I had time to try it out. I love water color but am still practicing with it so I was excited to see that she was doing watercolor for the pictures.

She started with beautiful colors on the background, then let them dry… then…. she showed us how she drew a mandala on each one. She drew three circles, one larger and two more a bit smaller inside. Then.. drew them off. That was the fun part., and painted them.  Then lightly sketched the girl in.



This is the beginnings.. after a few stencils, and paint splatters and. before I highlighted the mandala, then I sketched the yellow girl.

renata 2b

This background was a little bright… LOL… but I loved the way the mandala showed up with her holding it.

renata up 2


This one, I felt like I muddied the colors a bit, not intentional, but they got too dark and somehow I lost the mandala that she was holding.. It was supposed to be held under her transparent robe, but I wish I had made it on top so it wouldn`t have lost its detail. Oh well, that is ok… I did enjoy trying the upward face and making the features up higher….

I went to Home Depot yesterday and got me a new shelf for the garage. My den had become another art room with things spread out on the card table and stacked, neatly, on the floor. I call it my office, but tomorrow we celebrate Heston, my grandson, as he turns 8. That means company. So, the office had to go!! But I feel much more organized with the new shelf to stack things on.


Oh I forgot to mention, that I do have an art room upstairs….


and I do go there sometimes but my choice, on many days, is to stay downstairs where the computer and tv are, to keep me company. It all works out!!

Linked with Sunday sketches today http://bluechairdiary.blogspot.com/

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!




  1. Ooooooh!! Your artwork is stunning!! <3

  2. Happy Birthday to Heston! Your prices are so lovely and spiritual, I like brighter colours, happy colours.

    1. thank you Christine! he had a great day of celebrating!! Thanks for coming to visit. I hope you have a great new week!!

  3. I meant to say pieces not prices sorry.

  4. Beautiful and very touching art journal pages you have made! I truly love the way they make me feel when looking at them ♥

  5. 🙂 You have got a lot of art rooms – good for you! I’d love to have a dedicated one instead of spreading stuff all over. Oh well – one day. Your watercolors look wonderful. Are you enjoying Lifebook2016? I was tempted to participated, but am now glad I did not (because I have too much going on anyhow – LOL)
    Visiting from Sunday Sketches – happy Sunday!

    1. thank you Claudia! This is my third year with Lifebook and I am more selective to which lessons I do for sure. If you have never done it before, I think it is a great deal for the money to have that many teachers together… but this year for me, I am doing a few more classes that I signed up for and it gets hard to do them all!! so many choices out there, but am keeping myself from doing any more!! if you have time, go for it, if you don`t, I would stick with a shorter class that doesn`t last a year, that way you can do them and be finished and not worry about new ones each week!! hope that helps! have a great new week!!

  6. great colours 🙂 the second one is a little muddied, but that is a big problem with watercolours sadly

    both are work to be proud of 🙂

    1. thanks for coming over Jennifer!!! Happy Memorial weekend!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful work, Jane! LOVE the color blending going on here. So lovely.

    1. awwww… thank you Alexandra! it is quite the process… to learn how the colors work together, but fun to play… I appreciate your kind words!! I hope you have a great new week..

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