Helper in the art room

I get to keep my little two year old grandson each week for the day. He has watched as his older “bubby” goes into my art room to create many times. This week, as we got in the house and started putting his bag down, he runs to the steps and says he wants to go paint.

LOL!! so, we go in the room, where he knows his chair is, and after he is all settled into his chair, up on his knees to be sure to see everything on the table, we get the water and brushes and the watercolors out. Then, he is ready to go… He is loving anything Micky Mouse these days, so of course he wants me to draw Micky Mouse so he can paint. The good news is, he doesn`t care what he looks like just so he is a circle two big circles for the ears!! he paints for a little while then is ready to go downstairs to watch Micky on TV.. I wish I had a dollar for how many times he says, “Micky Mouse” each day!!


As I was working on a new lesson this week from Let`s Face It, with Robin Laws. She gets an inspiration piece to do her painting with. So, I found this awesome girl, painted to look like an angel, without wings, I guess….. She plays with hers in photoshop, but I just collaged my pieces together. Added some butterfly wings, and a gold crown and get them all situated onto the painted background, I have fixed..


I drew he some outstretched arms and hands to hold the bird. Then started painting and making her into my vision. I made a pink dress with a sash and bow, and situated her crown on her head, and painted it more gold. I even added a little skinny tree, with muted leaves. I used some stencils and more layers then ready to finish her off..



It was a fun lesson, and it makes me feel good to have completed it!!

Linked to Sunday Sketches this weekend..

Have a wonderful new week!!




  1. Beautiful girl!! You did a great job! <3

    1. thank you KaiZendoodles!! have a great week!!

  2. I have a four year old grandson who loves to paint. Painting with him is one of the joys of life. Your grandson is adorable. I know you enjoy the time with your grandchildren just as I do.

    I love your girl. Thank you so much for sharing the process. It is so interesting to read about the steps you took to make such a lovely painting.

    1. yes, Ginny. special times!! thank you for commenting and stopping by!! Have a great week!!

  3. you are creating wonderful memories with you sweet grandson, you are blessed. And your piece is lovely!

    1. thank you Christine.. memories are so special. I still remember times with my own grandmother and treasure them. Thank you for commenting. have a great new week!!

  4. The colors and textures are so pretty. Very soft looking.

    1. thank you Barbara… have a great week!!

  5. very sweet picture of your grandson! i miss having a little one around to paint with 🙂

    1. thank you Sue… yes, so fun!! have a great new week!!

  6. I adore her. She is beautiful and oh, so sweet. You must be loving your class. It was nice seeing your first drawing on the background. I would love to have her for my guardian angel. Your grandson is precious. All of mine are now too old for the fun of Mickey Mouse, but I still have my mother’s drawings for needlepoint Mickeys and I have one of her pillows. genie

    1. Thank you Genie!! they are fun to have for sure and grow up so fast!! thank you for visiting and commenting! have a great new week!!

  7. thats great that he wants to paint 🙂 def something to encourage when he wants to

    your angel with butterfly wings turned out really nice 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer!! have a great new week!!

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