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I had the most wonderful week last week. Tom and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas, with my sister and husband. As we were walking up the ramp to the ship, we all commented to enjoy the days, cause before we knew it, it would be over… and it was. So quickly, time went by…

I had a little time to draw during the week,  in my room on the balcony.  As I was out there, I  listened to the waves crash against the ship, while I was admiring  the artwork God provided in the sky each morning, noon and night.



This was a particularly beautiful night with the moon shining. Looks like a path across the water straight into the heavens.. Loved it….

The next Sunday as we got off of the ship, we indeed said the same thing, that it went by in the blink of an eye… Life…. has a way of doing that, doesn`t it?

One of the many highlights of my week was  that same day.  We had sailed out of Galveston, Texas, and had plans to drive to Houston for Tom to work a few days. On the way to our hotel there in Houston, we were able to go to the apartments at MD Anderson , where my sweet friend from Birmingham,  is being treated for Leukemia. She has been there for over a month now, and as she opened the door to her apartment, it was a sweet time to see her pretty face and that smile that she wears so beautifully. We had a nice visit then it was time to say good bye. I didn`t want to tire her out but what a nice gift to receive on that hot, Sunday afternoon in Houston.

We got home Tuesday and I had a few days of cleaning and washing and special days with my grandsons, but today, when it was quiet, I got the pencils back out . I started up where I had left off a few weeks ago, with faces… LOL One of the classes that I am taking with Kara Bullock, Let`s face it, has just included a challenge.  I am a sucker when it comes to challenges…. and still a week behind in the lessons, but I will catch up one day… so back to the challenge.. it was to draw or sketch each day until the end of the year. WHAT?!!!

Now, I must admit, I have already missed days, but when I can, I love to bring my pencil and sketch pad out and do a new sketch.. So much to learn and so little time… Here are a few that I have done since I have been home..



This was a profile, that I sketched with my stabilo black pencil, love those things. Then activated it with water to shade it.



This front sketch, I just started today. I plan on working on her more, to add color and some kind of background. Lots more thinking to do, but here she is as of now…

So, in closing if you could say a prayer for my friend, Julie, that her marrow will start making her own platelets really soon, and they will find a match for her to have her stem cell transplant when she is able, it would be so appreciated.

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Have a great new week!

Love, Jane


  1. Your sketches are wonderful, Jane. So detailed, so real, I can hardly imagine them being even more beautiful when you work on them more (as you say).
    The Caribbean is so very beautiful, we go every spring to Bonaire. There we see the big cruiseships and I got to admit to have my doubts about them, because they are oh so huge. But the way you describe it, it sounds like you had an awesome time.
    All the best to your friend!

    1. thank you Claudia for your sweet words! How fun to go each year to Bonaire. And yes, maybe one day, you can go on one of the ships. I bet you would love it!! They are big, but so much to do that you don`t always feel the crowds. My favorite for sure are the RCL Allure or Oasis of the Seas. There is a WOW factor when you walk on that you don`t see in others. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful new week!! let me know if you decide to go one day!!

  2. Stunning artwork Jane, I am in awe of anyone who can draw a portrait or profile of a face. I would be thrilled to produce such work.
    My brother and SIL go on cruises every year, but I’ve yet to try one. I really like to stay and explore a destination and feel I’d be too regimented with the cruise timetable. Maybe one day though.
    I’m sending positive healing vibes you way to your friend. It must be so worrying. I hope she finds health soon.
    Thank you for sharing and I wish you a creative week ahead.

    1. Thank you Nessie. You should practice those faces and you might be surprised how you pick it up. There are lots of utube videos if you look up drawing a face. LOL!!! And yes, you should go on a cruise with your brother and SIL one day!! You can do as much or as little as you want and the food….. it there all the time!! Thank you for your kind words and for thinking of my friend. You have a great new week!!

  3. great sketches, jane!! sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and a good visit with your friend. visiting from Sunday Sketches.

    1. Thank you Sue for stopping by to comment. I hope you have a great new week!!

  4. oh wow, beautiful work! Glad you had a lovely vaca!

    1. thank you Christine!! for your kind words. Yes, vacations are fun but the real world is waiting as soon as you get back!! have a great week!!

  5. hoping for the best for your friend

    and your sketches are lovely, really nice faces 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer, so much, for thinking of Julie. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!! have a great week!!

  6. The two faces are really great. I especially like how you did the hair on the first one. I really need to practice faces. It is something that is very difficult of me to draw.

    1. thank you Barbara!! yes, practicing is the key!! have a great week!!

  7. Hi Jane! Your sketches are wonderful! I am a sucker for challenges myself! Drawing or painting everyday sounds great, but life tends to get in the way of that sometimes. And as you say, time goes by in a blink of an eye!

    1. Thank you Beth, for coming by and commenting!! Yes, time, is the one thing we need more of, if we want to do all we have planned for the days!! these sketches, can be just little quick ones, which is what many of mine turn out to be. I always say if I was locked in my art room, I would never be bored, just give me some diet cokes and crackers and I would be content!! I will never do all that my mind has envisioned me to do!! I hope you try to do some sketches, if it gives you joy, then you should make time for it!! have a great new week!!

  8. Sounds like you had a very memorable vacation with your husband. I love your two gorgeous sketches, and hope to see them after you add some color. Blessings!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!! and when they get color, I will repost!! that scares me sometimes to add the color in case I mess up, but oh well, gotta try, right?!! have a great new week!!

  9. I think just about all my siblings have gone on cruises but I haven’t yet. They have cruises here where you can just go for a weekend but not sure I would go. My little doggy suffers terribly with separation anxiety so I think I’d be too worried about him the whole time I was away. I hear that cruises are amazing and it sounds like you had a fabulous time. How nice that you were able to visit with your friend from Birmingham too. I pray the treatments help her on the road to full recovery.

    Your sketches are awesome! I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

    1. Oh my, you should go for sure!! we love them and they are about the best value for the money and amount of things included…. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words… Thank you for remembering Julie in your prayers…

  10. Beautiful art, gorgeous faces… there is such deep soulfulness and radiant energy expressed in them. Wonderful shading !
    Wishing the best for your friend!
    Visiting from Sunday Sketches
    Victoria # 11

    1. thank you Victoria, for your kind words and for thinking of Julie. I appreciate it so much. Have a great rest of the week!!

  11. Marvelous photo and wonderful portrait work ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    1. thank you Carol! thank you for stopping by and commenting!! i hope you have a happy week too!!

  12. Your sketches of the women are so beautiful. I just cannot do them much to my frustration.Your lips and eyes just pop off the page. It is amazing. These are wonderful. So glad you had such a lovely cruise. I have been on several, and I loved them.

    1. Thank you Genie!! Sometimes it is, indeed, frustrating. When you just can`t get something right. Noses bothered me forever, but feel a bit more comfortable with them now!! always trying to learn!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting Have a great rest of the week!!

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