Distressed wood, part 2, and Sunday Sketches Logo


I have enjoyed using distressed wood for some of my paintings, given to me by a sweet friend…. I pulled a few out that I thought were finished…. but didn`t do much for me… so they sat with me in my office for a day or two, as I was just thinking…. about what to do… they both had dark hair, which is something that I wanted to change I knew, but how?    one by one, new features were added… and then… the hair was high lighted, one had teal high lights and the other, light blue.    Oh, if only it could be that easy in real life!!

This is the first one I finished. I call her “HOPE”   “She let her hope define her and not the world.” In light of all the sadness going on this week, She was named… and has already sold. but here she is, high lighted hair and all…



This next one, is titled, “Just as I am”    Love that old Hymn we used to sing all the time as I was growing up…  Broken, wounded, sad hearted, disappointed, confuse, hurting, “Just as I am, I come to thee.”

“Just as I am”


This week in Sunday Sketches, we were giving another challenge and contest to enter. Our sweet leader, Alexandra, is moving to England for 6 months with her husband to help care for his mother. So.. in doing so, she asked us to design a logo for our Sunday Sketches from there. This last image is my interpretation of that.   We were to add a tree, as our old one has a tree in it , and then to incorporate anything from London, that we wanted to add.

I decided to sketch and watercolor  the red phone booth, Big Ben, the tree and the image of Queen Elizabeth and put them together in a circle  So, here is my entry to the contest… for this week..

. This one from London


Sunday Sketches


And this one from ENGLAND


Happy to be linked with Sunday sketches today. Wishing Alexandra and her husband a very safe trip to England!! Check out her blog and all the exciting things she is doing http://bluechairdiary.blogspot.com/

I hope you all have a great new week. Me,?  I will be keeping my 2 1/2 year old grandson for the week, so I know it will be a fun week here…!!!




  1. She is beautiful and so well done ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    1. thank you Carol! I hope you have a great new week!! thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your Sunday sketch entry!

    1. thank you Andrea!! have a great new week!

  3. I see ‘hope’ and ‘just as I am’ as companion pieces, maybe it’s because the faces look so much alike. wonderful work. cute sunday sketches logo.

    have a lovely day

    1. thank you Lissa, yes, they could be companions for sure. LOL… thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. YOu have a wonderful new week!!

  4. ‘Hope’ is exquisite Jane, no wonder she sold although I’d have been reluctant to let her go.
    Gorgeous changes to her hair worked beautifully.
    ‘Just as I am’ is also a beauty and I think your logo is great. I didn’t realise it should have been London.
    I adore the red telephone box, Big Ben and Her Majesty!
    Good luck and I hope you have a super Sunday.

    1. Thank you Nessie! I will probably do a similar one to Hope before she leaves me. Interesting what a few colored high lights does to the hair! Thank you for stopping by. You have a great new week!!

    2. Nessie… ha!! after you mentioned about London, I went back to check and you are right…. it didn`t specifically say London, just things pertaining to England… so I added another logo with England as the bottom word. Not sure exactly where Alexandra will be … thanks for pointing that out. I love your logo that you painted. That was a lot of work!! have a great rest of the day!!

  5. beautiful work this week and an outstanding logo Jane. Enjoy your babysitting!

    1. Lol Thank you Christine!! He is already here and down for a nap… Thanks for your kind words!! you have a great week too!

  6. These are just lovely

    1. Thank you Alicia… thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. have a wonderful new week!

  7. your paintings are just lovely!! i love your logo, too. I think you’ve really captured it with a British feel 🙂

  8. they are very pretty and nice logo design 🙂

  9. I like the soft colors in your wood paintings and the added texture from the wood. The wood enhances then nicely. Really cute Sunday Sketch as well.

  10. Your distressed wood paintings are absolutely beautiful. I just might have to get one when we return to the states in November! 🙂

    Your SS contest entry is wonderful! Love your idea, too! Gosh, lots of wonderful submissions so far. 😀

    1. thank you Alexandra! I hate to hear all the problems you are having as you get ready to go overseas… I know this has been such a busy time for both of you. I hope you have a very safe trip and get settled in, real soon. Good luck with everything…. I have a feeling that you will keep yourself plenty busy!!

  11. Beautiful distressed wood paintings. I can see why they are selling so quickly.

    brilliant entry for the sunday sketches avatar! I have enjoyed seeing everyones entries.
    thank you for your visit and comment on my blog post.

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