Summer Camp 2016

Summer camps… oh the memories…Unairconditioned Bunk houses, noisy screen doors that opened to the outside, huge, or at least it seems huge in my mind… LOL, swimming pool with diving board, skating rink, and the best canoe slim battles ever. Can you believe that we used to look forward to those slim battles?!!

Last week 8 year old, Heston went to his first sleep over camp at Camp Winnataska. I had his address and was all ready to send him a letter to read, but decided to make him a picture. Two year old, Leif , was staying with me that week so we had fun finding pictures to put together for Heston`s letter. I pulled some pictures off of some of his friends that were there and Leif wanted to be included too… So this is what we came up with…

Heston camp winnataska


Then, of course, Leif wanted one of his very own… He is all about Mickey Mouse and anything related to him. We  searched for pictures to use for his special letter too. cropped and cut out faces and put his together

Leif mickey

He was very happy with it and carried it around for days with him while he was here.

Mid-week, we got a call that Heston had swimmers ear. OUCH, he had been complaining about an ear ache with the nurse there. She could only give him tylenot but he needed something stronger. Luckily, or maybe not so luckily, he had been a few weeks earlier to the Dr. and had some ear drops for the same thing but different ear… With the parents out of town, I went to pick up the drops and get them to him the next morning. As I pulled up in the parking lot, after looking around a bit for the right building, I found the NURSE house. I immediately picked him out sitting on the front porch bench with 7 or 8 other boys. They go each morning to get their medicines, and Heston just happened to be there with the hurting ear, trying to get his tylenol.

His face lit up as he glanced and saw me walking toward him. But to my surprise, it wasn`t about seeing me that made him happy, but the little bottle of gold that I held in my hands for him!! He knew they would work with the hurting ear, since he had been there with the other ear weeks before


He is the one in the white shirt with his head tilted over to the right, trying to keep those drops in after the nurse gave them to him.

I took him the little package with his letter in it that we had written notes to him on, and a little snack, instead of mailing it to him. He did seem very pleased to get a care package!!

As I drove away, my mind was actually thinking… “and people pay good money for this?”! I don`t think things have changed a whole lot from when I went to camp way back when. It is still rustic, and hot, and buggy…. but boy, what memories that camp is making with these new generations. So, I would imagine to those campers, it is worth it`s weight in gold!!

I had made him some note cards to take with him to write letters on. I even addressed one to us so he would have it all ready to mail… I was excited to open my mail a few days later to find this little note from him!!


As I look closely at it a few days later, I realize that it is meant for his Daddy!! I am sure the name on the envelope confused him since they are both the same, LOL…. but now, it will be my duty to turn over my beloved note from camp, to his Daddy to have and keep!! Oh well, there is always next year!!

Camp 2016 is behind Heston for this year but I suspect there will be many more good weeks of summer camp for him in the years to come…

Have a great week!!




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