This week I had some transformations with my art work. We had a lesson with Jane Davenport in Lifebook2016, and I love her style.  Started with a sketch then added the watercolors…. She gives the ideas, and then I put it into my own look.. Still trying to figure out all the watercolors can do and how to achieve different looks… but it was a fun lesson.

jane dav jane d 2


Then, I had this practice sketch that I had shared several weeks ago, and decided to give her a little color. She was my big transformation because I also decided to give her a different, more stylish hair do… and a bit of red color…


beautiful 1 beautiful

I added the scripture from Ps. 139:14 to the bottom of the painting….

Linked with Sunday Sketches today

I hope you have a great new week!!




  1. lovely work you’ve done this week!

    1. thank you Christine!! have a great week!!

  2. I keep looking at your portraits and this girl just get prettier and prettier. The flower in the first stands out and is so pretty, and the colors in the last one are stunning. Yes, she IS beautiful. Have a nice week. genie

    1. well, thank you very much Genie. So, they are growing on you?!! lol…. they were fun to create. Thanks for stopping by.. have a great new week…

  3. Oh these are all very lovely portrait illustrations!

    Happy Daze to you ~ ^_^

    1. thank you so much, Carol. Happy Sunday to you too!! have a great new week!

  4. What beautiful drawings and paintings. They are lovely.

  5. Lovely work! I like the change you made to the hair in the second piece. 🙂

    1. thank you Serena!! She looks a little more modern doesn`t she?!! have a great new week!!

  6. love the blue tones 😀 good job with the new coloured hair do 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer, I appreciate you stopping by to comment. Have a great new week!!

  7. Jane, your transformation art is beautiful! I love your second version of the girl you illustrated a few weeks ago. Love some of hear hair down. And I LOVE how you paint/color in your art. Beautiful.

    1. thank you Alexandra… so kind of you to say… She was the biggest change. Funny how we do something then take a look down the road and wonder how we thought it was finished when you can spot changes you want to make. Or at least that is what I do!! happy travels to you!!

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