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On our weekly trip to the Book Store this week, I was looking for a planner to finish the year up and go into next year. Well,  this little journal caught my eye. Of course it was for last year, but still had a few months left for 2016, and it was on sale for $3. As I opened it up, and realized that it had some good stuff in it, and I liked the cover, LOL, I bought it to try to get organized and write things down.


I brought it with me for a long weekend  for my husband and me at the beach. I just tucked it in my stash of books and travel water color paints and a few supplies. . I had brought it to read and but as I was opening it up today, I decided to sketch in it a bit . Now, it has a new purpose. I will use it as a journal, at least that is my plan for now. Here is one of the sketches.


And another. I loved how her hair is the statement for the page. I haven`t decided if I will add any other color to it when I get home, but I think I will gesso the back of the pages to give them some stability just in case.



Then lastly… I brought another sketch I had started from Lifebook 2016 this week with Petra Stein. It was a mini lesson and very simple with just the watercolor.



I used some words from “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P Freeman, on her dress and titled her “Believe in Your Life”

So that was my watercolor weekend, so far! Happy Labor Day weekend!

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Have a great new week!




  1. Your ladies are lovely. The second one looks so sad! Nice that you captured different expressions on the faces. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    1. LOL. yes, sometimes my girls are sad but only for a bit! you have a great Labor day weekend too and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful sketches. What a great use for an out of date planner. I need to hit the clearance shelf at a bookstore now.

    1. thank you Paula! yes, you should find some good bargains there! Have a great new week!

  3. lovely ladies!! i especially like the last one….her hair is amazing!!
    visiting from sunday sketches!!

    1. thank you Sue.. Thank you for your kind comments. have a great week!!

  4. The sketch you did from the Petra Stein class is gorgeous! Love it! How neat that you are using the ‘sale’ journal for drawing in too. Cool way to use those out-of-date pages. 🙂

    1. thank you Serena. Thank you for stopping by!!

  5. good use of the journal /dairy 🙂 Too pretty to pass up at $3

    1. thank you Jennifer!!

  6. These are super wonderful, Jane. I LOVE how you’re using the journal book. I should do the same. I’ve struggled in the past with my planners. Some days, I’ve got lots of notes/plans laid out. Other days nothing and I always feel bad for having one with empty pages. I should just fill it with my thoughts and ideas. Hee xx

    1. Thank you Alexandra… you are so sweet to comment and yes, you should certainly do that with empty pages. You could do your watercolor over pages and it would look awesome!!! have a great new week!!!

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