Drawing and Shading with Tombow Markers



I have been wanting to try out my Tombow markers to blend faces. I have seen a very talented friend using them and love the colors she is able to create with the markers. So, today, football Saturday, the tv one, and my table set up with my supplies pulled out,  I braved the markers. It is amazing how they work together, but so much practice is needed, I found out. If you press too hard, or use the water brush too hard, even the watercolor paper starts to react. I was looking at a lesson with Renata Loree, where she used them. Of course it looked easy while watching her, so I was excited to be tryng them out. I had bought them several years ago, just because…….. and never really used them with water..


So, I tried a few face like colors, and layered them…


and many more layers, forgot to take pictures of the other ones….. but used gesso to blend them all together.


Then added some tissue papers around the image to finish the background. When it dries completely, I am going to write words on it. Haven`t decided exactly what yet, but I will think of that tomorrow… just glad to have finished her up today….

Thanks for coming over for a visit. I hope you have a great new week!! I am glad to be linked with Alexandra today on Sunday Sketches..http://bluechairdiary.blogspot.com/




  1. These markers look amazing, lovely work!

    1. thank you Christine! thanks for stopping by!! have a great new week!!

  2. Love your angel. It is amazing to work with different art materials, you can get more in the States then we in New Zealand, I could order them on line, but sometimes hard to know what to buy.

    1. thank you Marijke! sorry your art supplies are not available for you there in New Zealand. I have a few stores very close to me, guess I take that for granite!! if you ever want me to look for you and send them to you, let me know!!
      Have a great new week!!

  3. I would never guess this was done with markers. I think you did really well considering that you haven’t really used them before.

    1. thank you Paula… hope you have a great new week. Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. very nice 🙂

    I have a set too and really like them but never thought about using water with them, will have to try that 🙂

    1. let me know what happens, Jennifer!! have a great new week!!

  5. I’ve never tried to markers so that looks like it would be fun to try.

    1. thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, you should give it a try!! have a great new week!!

  6. wow…i’ve never tried these before! i love the results!

    1. thank you Sue!! Have a great new week!!

  7. Lovely process… lovely outcome!

    1. thank you Rose!!

  8. Oh gosh, you’ve done a SUPER fab job with your Tombow markers. I love mine and made sure to bring them with me here to England. hee She’s beautiful, Jane. 🙂

    1. thank you Alexandra. Do you activate yours with water? I had never tried that before. I love what you do with your markers.. especially the ones you are doing in England.. Love watching you grow…. thank you for stopping by!! have a great new week!!!

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