Stabilo and Gesso Lesson

This week, Kara Bulloch from Let`s Face it, had the lesson. She is about ready to start sign ups for next year and it will be one that I do for sure. It has been such a variety of instructors with excellent lessons, each concentrating on faces or parts of the face.

Anyway, back to the lesson. I had a large flat piece of board, 12×24, that I used for the background.  She suggested covering the board with gesso and let dry….Then collages it, around the figure… Now, this is where I should have listened to direction… You see, I had this piece of wood that I had primed for another project that didn`t get done, in kind of a light grey color… so, I assumed it would work as the background. I got my black stabilo pencil out and sketched her, anxious to get the gesso and water working to shade her. As you can see, she ended up with a grey shine… even after the gesso… so she took more coats, and more touch ups of the gesso..



LOL… here you notice my essentials, included with my art supplies….. my diet coke!!!

Finally, she had enough and was ready to do the background. Palette knife scratches, pulled the gesso across the back to make it distressed… then sayings were written around her to inspire….



“Wherever you are, be all there”

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me”

“Choose Joy”

“She understood Who she was and Whose she is”

I loved this lesson. Doesn`t matter if the finished project is perfect because it never will be, just the process and what is learned through it, is what the fun part is.

Have a great new week.

Happy to be linked with Sunday Sketches today




    1. thank you Serena!! I hope you have a great new week!!!

  1. This is a great lesson. I personally like the grayish skin. OK so I am morbid LOL. However, it is fabulous how you brought her to white. The piece is truly beautiful.

    1. LOL.. thanks Nicole! a little morbid?!! haha!! I appreciate your kind words… thank you for coming to visit. Have a great new week!!

  2. very pretty 🙂 such a lovely pattern on her dress

    I’m more of a diet dr.pepper girl lol

    1. thank you Jennifer!! well, i won`t hold Diet Dr. Pepper against you!! have a great week!!

  3. Wonderful work, Jane. I LOVE LOVE the light blue dress pattern. Simply beautiful. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a lovely week.

    1. thank you so much, Alexandra.. I appreciate your comment!! it was fun to work on that…. you have a great new week too!!!

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