She started as a simple pencil drawing one day,  then the watercolor.



I felt she needed a little more so that is when the doodle pen started…. LOL…. and on and on until I had no room for anything else…


I call her “Fearless”

“She took baby steps as she was becoming the child she survived. She was truly fearless with Him by her side.”

She was created with watercolor and many doodles as she exploded with details. I am reminded of the saying that I wrote down and it holds so true when the paint brush and watercolor take me away…….” When I work in my art, I hold hands with God”   I love that!

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Have a wonderful new week!!






  1. love your doodle girl!!

    1. thank you sou so much, Sue! thank you for visiting my little world. I hope you have a wonderful new week…

  2. She is lovely and the many designs around her are wonderful too.

    1. Lisa, thank you so much. She was fun… Thanks for coming by. Have a great new week!!

  3. so pretty! 😀 love all the detail 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer… I could get lost in the fine tip sharpie play!! have a great new week!!

  4. Oh yes, all the extra doodles really make this special.

    1. thank you Paula!! have a great new week!!!

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