The Making of a Butterfly Princess



From sketch with my mechanical pencil….


to using heavier pencils….. to shading…..


To final watercolored painting….  She was a fun doodle, but the favorite part, to me… is when the watercolor is dry, and the detailing starts… that is why I get excited when I get a brand new pack of fine tip micron markers!!!

“Walking in victory “. Butterfly Princess .   She found herself falling into darkness. The road was hard. The distractions were many . Slowly she was learning not to hide but to expose the darkness.. not to make excuses for it but confess it. Hate it. Remove it. As long as darkness remained , it was going to rule her. Bring it into the light and it becomes light. She can not be broken if she seeks her happiness from God. She said “Yes” to Him today. . “Though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light” Micah 7:8. She could boldly walk in complete victory!! She overcame everything that was meant to

destroy her.

Have a wonderful new week!!

Glad to be linked with sunday Sketches this week…

Have a wonderful new week!!

Love, Jane


  1. She’s lovely and sweet, just a perfect little girl for butterflies.

    1. Thank you Latane!! Hope you havea great day!! thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh she is beautiful Jane, and so pretty.
    I know exactly how you feel with a new box of Micron pens… I get beyond excited. No need for handbags or shoes for me… just art supplies will do!
    Happy Sunday Sketches 😀

    1. Thank you Neesie!! Yes, those art supplies are special, aren`t they:!?!!
      Happy Sunday Sketches to you too!!!
      have a great week!!

  3. Beautiful. You’ve brought her to life!

    1. thank you lleana… She was fun!! thank you for coming by to visit!!!

  4. Oh how adorable! She is such a beauty and I love it to look at her!

    1. thank you so much Stefanie! thank you for coming by… happy new week!!

  5. Wow, each step is amazing, and the finished painting is terrific.

    1. well, thank you Paula. Thanks for stopping by to comment. You have a great new week!

    1. thank you Serena!!

  6. She’s beautiful, Jane. I LOVE her crown. Beautiful detail. How long do you allow your watercolor paintings to dry? I used to try and do the detail within a few hours but notice I lose the tips of my micron pens way too quickly this way. Now, I allow them to sit at least, a full 24 hours. Beautiful work. 🙂

    1. Thank you Alexandra. I don`t always wait 24 hours… just a couple usually. But I can relate to those tips being ruined. I hate when that happens… I love to get the watercolor done then sit down at night to do the detail work… Thank you for your kind words…. You know I love all of yours!!! So proud of you!! Have a great new week!!

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