Love through the eyes of a Child

As I was looking through some things a few weeks back, I came across this little book that my older son gave me when he was 8.  I tend to save things that the kids made for me, not all of them, but the special ones.  With this little book, it took me back to 1985..  Forever ago, right? but I can close my eyes and still see him when he handed it to me.

It loved it then, and as you can tell, it has been worn during the years as I would reread it. I sent the picture to him the other day for him to show his son, now 8 years old. I told him to let Heston know that sweet things he made, at his age, to give them, would last a lifetime… and would always be special to keep.





It is funny to read the things that he wrote and that were important to him then, but as I do, my heart overflows with love.  The love that he had when he created the book, and the love that we have shared during these years.  He is long gone from home now, with a family of his own, but these memories bring such joy and make my heart smile.

Then… I worked on a painting that I had started earlier. Erased the face features and started over, with watercolors and stabilo pencil, I sketched this new girl, and gave her a bit of color.


She is a reminder to “Give Him your weakness and He will give you His strength”

It is a new season in our country. Praying for it to be a good one as we give our new administration a chance to make it good.

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I hope you have a great new week,

Love, Jane


  1. What a treasure Jane, your book is beautiful and so precious. I have a few special letters and cards from my children… they are priceless. Gorgeous painting too.
    Thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday Sketches to you 😀

  2. that is a really nice family memento to keep around 🙂 mom kept a lot of stuff from when I was a kid and I would love one of the journals because its actually funny reading what I wrote 🙂

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