Christmas rush is on

I always say to myself, once Halloween is over, Thanksgiving hurries in, then we blink, and Christmas is here!! And this year proves to be the same. Thanksgiving is now a memory, and Christmas will be here soon. So much to do.. So many things in my mind that need to be created…

I have made a dent into the list, by working on some ornaments this week. I  have the same theme as you can tell… blue!! and of course, my angels… just different kinds but still angels…

This angel is actually a wood canvas, 5×7, ready to hang on the wall with the hooks on the back.


Even though she has some pouty lips, she says JOY on her dress!!



This nativity, is on a long, skinny board, distressed paint, with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, in white…


This last little angel is on a smaller wood board and simply holds a cross in her hands.

I have many more started and just have to sit down to finish them up.

In the midst of my painting, this week, I was anticipating a party at our house last night. We had dinner with my daughter`s boyfriend several weeks ago, so we knew the plans for yesterday but it was a surprise to her.!! They got engaged!! Yay!! I had to try to get the house ready without putting out any of the engagement things I had made to decorate. Pinterest is a great place for ideas and I am sure I will be going back there often as these next weeks and months turn into planning a wedding!!


I worked on these to hang from the chandelier in the dining room as we had about 30 people over when she got here to show us the ring with Steven… these are just a few of them… and here is the happy couple.


Happy new week to you!!

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Love, Jane


  1. I love your work. Are you selling the nativity ornament and if so how much is it? Love it! (zip 29710 if you need for shipping estimate) Thank you! Kristi

    1. Kristi, thank you for checking. That one is actually sold but I am making more if you are interested. They are $18… just let me know your email address and I can send you a paypal when they are done, later in the week…. thank you! you can email me at if you would rather. thanks!!

  2. That’s so true, this time of year goes SO fast. These are all lovely pieces!!

    1. thank you very much!! have a great new week!!

  3. love, love, love your angels! and how about your daughter getting engaged. An exciting time for all of you.

    1. Thank you Latane! I appreciate you visiting and commenting about my angels!! and yes, exciting times at our house!! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!

  4. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement! I’m sure the beautiful angels reflects not only christmas feelings but also the joy with regard to the happy couple!

    1. thank you Stefanie! Yes, there is much excitement around here this weekend and going forth!! Thank you for coming to visit. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!!

  5. I know what you mean about how things rush by…especially at the end of the year. I have so many little projects going on…not enough time to do them all!

    i love your angel paintings…very pretty!

    1. for sure, Sue!! just not enough time, is there? Thank you for visiting and for your comments. I hope you have a great new week!! Happy Sunday Sketches!!

  6. Your angels are beautiful. Lovely to make holiday art to enjoy.
    Congratulations on your growing family!

    1. thank you Tammie! yes, love the Christmas season to create things… Thank you !!

  7. I love your angel ornaments, so lovely! My son Paul gets married next Friday, so I can understand your happiness as parents. We have made homemade wedding decorations and yesterday I filled 100 little jars with home made jam to give away at the wedding.

  8. Congratulations for your daughter and future son-in-law. She must have loved the decorations, what a special keepsake. Your angel ornaments are really lovely.

  9. congrats to your daughter 🙂

    your angel paintings look really nice, the wood creates a really interesting texture

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