Happy New Year 2017


I say it every year but I never learn….. After Halloween, you almost miss Thanksgiving then right around the corner will be Christmas… You can`t blink or you will miss it all.Life happens, days are filled with busyness, weeks pass, then you wake up to the grandest celebration all year. the birthday of Jesus….

Once again, it has come, with mush anticipation, then gone for another year. All the excitement that comes with the season, all the shopping to find just the right present, addressing the perfect cards to friends and family, baking , and of course decorating. Seems like we just put it all up and now, taking it down. What a whirlwind of activities and fun with family and friends.

I loved my time getting ready. I found there were not enough hours in the day sometimes.. LOL.. I am sure you all can relate to that thought!!! I gave myself permission to not worry about some art lessons I was trying to do weekly. Just got too much, and it was a weight lifted when I realized that I could save them for later and just do what needed to be done for the day and the holidays. My favorite time of year!!

Then, my Dallas family left, the other two were celebrating out of town . Tom and I had a nice dinner out with Anne and Zack and then…….New Years!! I got my watercolors out for a little painting time and here she is… ready for 2017!!


This week, life will be back to usual. New resolutions, new paths, new classes for me…. new directions… new activities, new dreams., new wedding in the family… and I wouldn`t trade it for anything. I am blessed. Happy New Year!!

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Have a great new week!! Love, Jane

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  1. Happy New year!

    This time of year is o busy, too much to do sometimes lol

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