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New year, new projects, new goals and new lessons! I guess I will never tire of learning and watching others share their talents!! It makes it so easy to watch as more and more people are sharing with utube videos or classes.  I had tried to get a few backgrounds ready for a new project this weekend and already  had the canvas pretty well covered. Earlier in the week,  as I occasionally  do, I go through my clutter stacks and put them somewhere else, trying to organize… but this time, as I was looking through some papers, I found this one paper of some sort of devotion for a meeting, typed out. The cool part was on the back, handwritten were two of the scriptures from the front, written out. At first glance, I thought it was my grandmothers on my mothers side, but as I read the first side again, and saw what church it was for, I realized that it was my other grandmother. Back then, as a young girl, I didn`t really know much about her in her real life outside being with us…. but this was just a little window into her heart, to see that she did devotions, and programs at church… and I loved having her handwriting to read the scriptures with. So, It was the perfect addition to my collages…

I put a bit of it on both pieces and now, ready to work on them this week.

I have saved old things for years and years and inherited more as I take over things, and I have just come to the conclusion that this is the best way for me to honor them and use them…. Because they mean something to me does not mean they will mean something to the next generation, where they may just get tossed!  Just love making something new from something old!

We have been inside for most of the last three days, anticipating SNOW…. and what do we get?!!! ICE!!… not complaining, but we haven`t left the house much cause of the ice on the roads still. Staying inside for me, means art time!! So I did a few other things, at least got started.

So, that is all for now.. I hope to have the collages finished up to share next time.

Linked with Sunday Sketches today…

Have a fabulous new week!!

Love, Jane

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  1. “Because they mean something to me does not mean they will mean something to the next generation”

    that is a good point, so much better to use something and honour and remember the person connected to the object. And by creating something with it, it might actually turn out into something the next generation might cherish 🙂

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