To be Found FAITHFUL

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To be found Faithful

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a celebration service for a sweet man, a Daddy, granddaddy, great granddaddy, and friend to many, who had lived  life WELL for 92 years.  I didn`t realize that we shared the same birthday until I got there and glanced at the program and there it was… April 2, 1924- February 20, 2017.. I have always heard that the dates don`t really matter too much, we all are born and will one day die, unless Jesus comes first, but it is the DASH in between that matters.  We cannot control those dates, but the dash, we can make  whatever we want.. And yesterday, I saw a life celebrated where the DASH was fully utilized.

I got the program as I walked in the service to speak to the family. The line was all the way back to the door. He was so loved….. As the service started, I got my pen out and wrote down a few notes, a few words. . I am a note taker…. they are mostly together at my home, but it is not unusual to find an old bulletin, or cash register receipt, cause it was all I had to write on, wrinkled and worn with notes all over them. Yesterday, was no exception. Things written down that I wanted to remember….

His name, Jim.  I did not know Jim, personally, but I know of him. I have grown to love his daughter, who is married to my daughter in law`s father.  We share two precious little grandsons.  Have I confused the line of thinking here? Well, it doesnt really matter how I know her only that I know how she was feeling and what she was going through, as her Daddy had just left this earth for his Heavenly home. I knew her heaert was hurting and missing him, but I knew he was a Godly man and he was in the presence of the Lord. As we were celebrating his life at church, he was there with Jesus, celebrating. Her comment to me earlier this week as we spoke was, “How can I be sad, knowing where he is right now? You see she lost her precious daughter over 6 years ago, and this must have been a comfort to her Mamma`s heart, as she imagined her Daddy being welcomed by her sweet girl.

Yes, I know exactly that question and the only answer possible, if they have that eternal HOPE that He gives out freely.  I asked that same question almost 7 years ago, when Mother died. I knew where she was and what she was doing and was happy for her, but oh, the loss in my heart remains.  I know that feeling… all too well, and I could feel it for her, as she had said goodbye to her Daddy. I wanted to be there to celebrate his life with her.

I felt like I learned so much about life with JIM, as I sat there and listened to his children and grandchildren speak of him with fond memories and deep love. He had 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. He lived a very blessed life, and they were blessed to have had him for that long.

We sang old hymns, that were his favorites, “He Lives”, “I Surrender all” and a favorite of mine, “How great Thou art”.   We listened to the minister of music talk of Jim. We listened to the pastor tell stories about Jim, that I am sure were a gift for them to hear. He had lived in Homewood, where he was an active member at Dawson Memorial, for 60 years. I bet he was there at the same time my grandparents were there, as they were charter members  all those years ago.   The pastor mentioned a conversation that he had one day,  Jim asking him a question about a lesson he was going to be teaching. The pastor answered that  “Jesus was impeccable, and we as sinners are peccable.”   Every time he would see Jim at church after that,, Jim would look at him, and point his finger at him and say “Impeccable “   Sweet stories about how he had his family at church every time the doors were open. They went on Wednesday nights, and Training Union.  This sounded familiar to me, as we did the same thing… The grandchildren  spoke  words describing him like  tall oak, tree of righteousness.   His granddaughter spoke about his Presence… He was spiritually present, physically present and emotionally present for all of them, and it was a large family.  He would be remembered for being kind, actively involved in their lives, strong Christian, thriftiness , loved his family, his love of fishing and his love of the Braves, and many more pictures were painted with their words about him. .

As I walked into the sanctuary at before the service, , above the baptism , it simply says, “To be found faithful as God`s people”   When Jim took his last breath here on earth, and entered into his Heavenly home, he was found faithful, as one of God`s people.  What a great legacy to leave, a life well lived… It was a pleasure to be able to celebrate his homegoing with his family. I know he will be missed, but oh, the vision of sweet times he is having now, with his heavenly family and the Lord, are what will help this family live after him.

Have a great week,

Love, Jane


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  1. This is beautifully written and so true of Mr. Jim. I am a friend of Bonnie from Cordele , where she came to visit family when she was growing up. Her grandmother lived just down the road from us. I love this family so much. Thank you for sharing this!

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