Memory of a spring drive down the road

A short time ago, we went out for a ride, Tom and me.. it was a fun day,,but I kind of forgot about it as time passed and life happened. Today, it popped up  on my facebook memories . and I remembered all over again, the details… it is the simple things in life, that are so precious and this was a good reminder of that for me. You don`t have to spend a lot of money, go to expensive , impressive places, just spend time with those you love. Nothing compares… So here is a retake on that day, when we just started out on a drive together..


On this beautiful day, Tom and I venture out for a drive down 280. We stop at McDonalds to get us a fish sandwich then we are off. Spring has officially come to Birmingham. We have never been to the Morgan Creek Winery down the road so we turn in to take a look.  As we go in the front door, they are having a wine tasting and everyone moves down to make room for us! I don`t even like wine, but not wanting to be rude, we step up to the places they have made for us… As I look down the counter, I see not one or two but about 10 bottles of wine, each opened and ready to be poured for a taste!! I almost choke at the smell as I bring it up for a taste but manage to swallow my sip of the first one. Wow…. she said it was dry. Is that what “dry” tastes like, I ask myself. I try to hide my face and the taste rolls down my throat as to not let anyone see the look I must surely be making… The next is a bit sweeter, she says… to me, it still smells. The look isn`t quite as bad, I am imaging, on my face after this one, but still…. it is hard to swallow. After a few more, I have one that is almost a little good, still not one that I would like to have more than one swallow of though….. They even have a Vulcan wine, complete with His picture on the front. I think that one might actually be a good one to buy for a gift if you were looking for something that screamed… Birmingham, to give someone.



I finished the tasting and backed away from the counter, trying to figure out what I could eat to get the tastes out of my mouth!! Just kidding, but I still don`t get the whole world of wine. Guess you have to acquire a taste. My taste buds are already ruined with diet coke so they don`t quite know what to do with any of the finer drinks… Tom tells me that was certainly not the usual grape wines, but muscadine wines, whatever that means!!…We skipped the wine tour because by now,  the lady had told us about another sight to visit… Miller Cheese House in Vincent. She said it was only a short drive across 280 and they had lots of samples. Well, she said the magic word… samples. So we set off to check it out.

As we found it and drove up, Tom says…. “Well, looks like it is closed cause there are no cars there in the parking lot”…” but the lady told us it was open” , I said. So we pull up and see a little lady sitting on the porch swing. When she sees us, she gets up and goes back inside to wait for us.  This is a pretty big size room and she tells us that Mr. Miller had met some Amish people in Ohio and Indiana, who make all the products that they have in the store now. He sold his dairy farm and started importing their products. They do have some cheese and home made butter but mostly canned things. So, we taste some of the samples, we buy some apple butter, peach salsa and blueberry syrup, then we headed back out to our car.

Tom is happy when we stop at Starbucks to get his daily cup of coffee from there. I am happy to get my cold diet coke. We are just simple people, liking simple drinks…
. Our adventure took us to a few new places around Birmingham. We saw some things that we would not have seen had we not ventured off the main road. But as we pulled into our driveway, I thought to myself… it is nice to be home!

Have a great day,

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