Artist Trading Cards

Recently I was watching a lesson that was about painting ATC cards….. I thought it would be fun to do a few of them, so I got my watercolor paper out and started marking off the spaces to sketch a few…  

So, did I mention that I kind of got carried away once I started sketching?  LOL.. but then again, that is no surprise since my mind works that way!!

Once I did a few, then I felt the urge to continue filling the little squares in with faces. I went to bed as this one shows……. started but not finished,, sketched but not colored….

The next day, I continued until they were all done…

These little pictures were drawn to be 2.5 x 3.5 inches so when they were dry, I cut them out and had 9 little pictures….  We had an atc trade going on with the lesson, so I signed up for that and have already sent my girl in the mail to my ATC swap partner who actually lives in South Australia! How cool is that to send out of the country and to get one from her.?!!

This class is a free class from Brandi Dayton called “A thing called LOVE”

This lesson is by Lee Anne Hahn Washburn

And that is a wrap for the ATC cards!!

Glad to be with Sunday Sketches this week…

Thank you Alexandra!!

Have a great new week!!






  1. They are so cute, looks like you had fun!

  2. They turned out lovely. ????

  3. Tiny paintings can be so addictive! You got so much great variety in all these different girls. I think I might have decided to keep them all.

  4. Oh how sweet they are! I love them!

  5. Jane these are SO wonderful!! Oh my gosh. I LOVE the little girl holding the brown bunny. Do you still have this one? I’d love to hang it in my studio for inspiration. Wishing you a fantastic week! 🙂

  6. those look great 🙂 lots of nice different faces and colours

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