Full heart, new season

We are in full swing of the wedding season at our house. 3 weeks and counting. I thought once the big decisions were done with the venue and the vendors, the rest would just glide on in and we could count the days down. LOL… After all, I had been through this twice before when both of my sons married. The only difference that I didnt factor in was,  this time, it was my daughter…… YOU THINK?!!!!! This time around it is ever so slightly different. So many decisions, conversations, calls, messages, and commitments to be made. And oh yes, giving money to the vendors, was a big part of this preparation too… and in the midst of it, sweet memories are being made. I get to see the excitement that she wears each day. I get to see the little things that made her fall in love with him, as he shows his heart to her so many times, in so many ways. I get to see her be passionate about each detail as she organizes and arranges plans for the wedding. . We get to share special times together as things are picked out and she asks for my opinion.. It is a busy time, and a good time, this new season of ours.

I have had mother`s wedding dress in the closet upstairs for over 7 years. I know that it will never be worn again, as it is, so I was trying to think of ways to use it, to embellish the wedding coming up in a few weeks.

Carefully, I cut the beautiful sleeves off .. 🙁  I can use the end of the sleeve to give our florist to tie around the flowers., I must admit, it was a bit hard to make that first cut…Mixed feelings, ….. ….but did it anyway…… and with each snip of the scissors, I got a little more excited about using it to share with Lara.     here she is on her special day, in the dress…, April 29, 1950

Another fun fact, if you notice the heart necklace she has on? My daddy gave it to her on their wedding day. It is engraved with “Because” written on the front and a personalized message inside,  that was their song, that was sung at their wedding. Years ago,  Mother had given the necklace to Lara, cause she knew she loved it. We have gotten a new shorter chain for it, so she can wear it or her wedding. Love that…..

So, after a few trial runs, I finally figured out how I wanted to  do the garter.., using her lace. Here is the other  bottom part of the sleeve with those covered buttons and button loops.. that I cut off first…

and I sewed it sideways onto the double faced ribbon that I was using. I found some old lace of Mothers and stitched it on the other side…

then stitched it all up by hand. My machine was acting funny, and the thread kept getting broken, so after I found my glasses, I whipped the sides together and pulled the elastic through it..

I embellished it with a pair of beautiful earrings, one on each side. Now, let me remind those of you who know me, about how I save way too much stuff. But, some things that I love, I cannot think about getting rid of and this is a great example. I love beautiful rhinestone  jewelry, most of it is fake, but really pretty fake. My grandmother had lots of it, as did her friend and as mother did….  I ended up with a nice stash of it. These rhinestone earrings were part of that stash that I have neatly put away in a special place that will not get lost… So, I thought the earrings added just the right Bling, to finish it off.

Lara is not real big on having traditional things just because they  are customary at ceremonies. She really didn`t want to have a garter to have to throw after the wedding, but… partly to have a picture made with it   and maybe partly cause I wanted her to have it for the picture, she decided it would be nice to have. Now that it is made and checked off the list of things to do, I move down the list to the next project…. which I will tell  about in another post, but it is the reason that I cut up the dress in the first place. update coming soon….

As I am finished and look back at the garter, and as I looked for the wedding picture to share here, it made me a little sentimental. I love to think that Mother will be   there in different  ways, with Lara on her special day. They had a sweet bond, the two of them,  and I know Mother would have been so happy to see Lara using her things .

With a full and thankful heart, I  am anticipating this wedding in three weeks. Looking forward to  the new season that it signifies..

Life happens, seasons come and go, we get older much too quick but the constant in our life that never changes, is our hope we have in Him.

So today, I thank Him for past memories that we can use to create new ones. I thank Him for bringing these two together and for the life that He has planned for them.  Happy almost wedding day, Lara and Steven!!!


Have a great new week,

Love, Jane


  1. wedding planning is never done until the day is done lol

    you did great job with that garter and even if she doesn’t end up tossing it, its a nice memory to family

    1. Jennifer, thank you for your sweet encouragement and comments!! Yes, the planning wasn`t completely done until that day itself!!

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