Reflections of His love


Today I was on an ordinary quick run to Walmart. It was a beautiful sunny day, when I got out of the car and headed inside. I finished my list, and was looking for the quickest check out line to get into. Hurriedly I found one with just a few people in front of me, and turned into the  aisle.  All of a sudden, A huge clap of thunder sounded, and a short moment later, there it was  again. The elderly woman behind me in line said, rather quietly, “Oh, is that thunder?” I turned around to see her in her motorized wheelchair and commented how it had come from no where. It had been sunny when we both walked in. Neither of us had umbrellas, we said to each other, smiling at the thought of leaving them in the car when we needed them. I assured her that I would help her get to her car if it was pouring when we left.  We probably only had about 5 or 10 minutes to exchange words but I found out a lot about her in that short time. She was 89 years old, had downsized to a garden home, where she had lived alone for 8 years since her husband had died. She was all alone and lonely.  She said that her daughter wanted her to move again, probably into an assisted living place, and she just didn`t want to do it. He daughter lives close, and she sees her often but her son is out of town and she   doesn`t see him as often… She has a little dog, who she loves so much and was buying food for him today????????.  She is a bit hard of hearing, which we all are to some degree, and she says that  she doesn`t see too well. She says that her  daughter would rather her stay in but she  still likes to get out by herself sometimes. She said she visits with her daughter, to her church.  i told her about my bible study and how we would love to have her   but  she didn’t think she would be able to come visit with me  cause it was too far.

She paid for her groceries with a check, but could not reach the screen to sign, so I did it for her. “is that legal?”, she asked… we assured her that it was ok. As I helped put her groceries on the belt, then back in her basket, she whispered to me that she wished I could come home with her…She was teasing, but smiling at the same time,  She spelled her name out for me to sign  N E L L   she said it made her mad when oeople would misspell it.   she said we should get a plastic bag for  our head in case it was raining when we left.  lol!!  I laughed and mentioned how my grandmother used to do that!!  i thought she was teasing but as we were leaving together and heading for the door , she reached out to grab her a plastic bag and even offered me one????  As  we got to the door, we could see  the rain had stopped but the bag stayed on her head. I Put her bags in her trunk since we were parked close to each other and as if she were my own mother, I reminded her to leave the heavy things in there until someone came to help her. !!    WE said our good byes and I watched her drive off  in her little maroon sedan.


She was such a sweet interuption to my afternoon   I couldn’t help but think of her life before this season. Happily married with two children to raise   Now, grown and out on their own, her husband gone and Nell is living alone   She chose to smile     Her sweet smile and eager conversation was such a reflection of His love to me …  Thankful HE shared her with me.  Today.


I may never see Nell again but I hope I do .  I would love to have another talk with her

Reflections of His love

You have made my day joyful????

i took this picture as I drove up the long windy road to Bob and Bonnie Alvord’s ranch a few days ago  I marvelled at the reflection in the water of those beautiful trees   What an awesome reflection of His love to experience.   I am thankful I was able to see His artwork that day …

have a great week,




  1. This is beautiful, Jane! Sounds like she blessed you as much as you blessed her that day! Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. thank you Amanda, yes, she did…

  2. What a sweet and inspirational story! We often get lost in our own hectic schedules to stop and actually converse with our fellow brothers and sisters. Thanks for sharing Jane!!

    1. thanks Susanne!! I appreciate your comments and yes, it is easy to get lost in our own schedules of busyness!!!

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