“Hey, guess what?”

Do you ever have the urge to pick up the phone , and say “Hey, guess what ?” only to realize that conversation isn`t going to happen?

Over seven years, and I still think about doing it sometimes. After all of those collected years of talking each day and then no more . No more of those talks or those days of sharing and laughing. The urge to do it is hard to let go …some days….

Seasons constantly happening. Excitement ,disappointments, hopes, dreams, big things, insignificant things, all reminders of days past when you could pick up the phone and say, “Guess what?”!! It is not so much even the news, or words that were shared but the constant encouragement through each journey that would be shared. . No matter what, good or bad, always the same reaction and love felt. ..

Her name? Mother


She is still with me as i wear her hand written LOVE around my neck. She is still with me in my journey, as I remember those conversations . My heart smiles and I think of what Winnie the Pooh said, “how lucky I am to have had something that makes it so hard to say good bye”

As my art journey continues, she is there….

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