Real faces behind the names

A few weeks ago, I  invited  you  to help me create an original painting that will be filled with names of women that have been on the breast cancer journey.  I wanted to honor some,  to have some names written in memory and also to encourage others going through breast cancer.  If you want to participate,  you can still comment a name or names that you would like to be included. Each day the names will be prayed over as they are added in the painting💗  I had originally planned to finish the painting as the end of October came but so many have responded that I have decided to continue to add names at least until the end of the year.  After all, breast cancer should not only be thought about during the month of October because it effects so many  people each day of every month.

The larger face that I created in the middle of my painting,  represents those who will find out they have breast cancer and will start the treatment that so many others before them have gone through. Since I began this project, I have placed the names of two young girls, 20 and 24 who were just diagnosed.  Cancer has no age limitations.

As I look at the painting and see the names, it becomes an image to me. Each name, each word written down, belongs to a person. This words, breast cancer, have been a very real part of their lives for a season. I would like to share a few of those faces that go with the names.



Her name is Emily. Her story started February 27, 2017. She had her surgery March 20, just a month later. She started her chemo in May and this past November 28, had her last radiation treatment. She will go back for rechecks every 4-6 months for minimum of 5 years. I was blessed to watch her on her journey as she was always positive and always shined for Him. Her smile would always mask her physical aches and pains to most of us but she recalls that there were so many dark days along the way.  During her journey and even now, Emily always says, that she is “blessed beyond measure!”

A sweet surprise for Emily on her birthday, when her friends gathered around her in her front yard, to sing praise songs and to encourage her.  This is truly community, in every sense of the word. We can`t take cancer away from them but we can support and uplift those going through it.

Real faces behind the names.

Another sweet lady represented on here,  I meet last weekend at an art pop up show, is Suzanna.  She came in and spotted her name on the painting that someone had already sent to me to add. She is still going through  treatments and was very touched to have her name included with the other ladies.  She bought two prints to share and encourage others.  Looking at her beautiful smile, you would not know the story that she is living inside.

These are just two of the faces behind the many names. They don`t even know each other but are forever connected by this disease and its story in their lives.

If more stories are sent to me, I will be glad  to include in another post. Feel free to share in the comments or by email at  if you have a story behind the name.   Prints and note cards will be available on my web site shop, with all proceeds going to the cancer center.

I am happy to share the end of this Breast Cancer awareness painting story with you. The finished painting, will be given to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center to be auctioned off at their big May fundraiser. I will follow up with details as it gets closer to the event. I would love to fill the painting up with names by then!

Close up details

Thank you for following me and for reading about this project. As you look at the close up details of the names, I hope you will join me and lift the names up in prayer, thankful for each life that is represented

I am pretty excited about this and other new projects I have  planned for the new year. Stay tuned to find out the details as I begin to share with you. I always welcome your comments about something I have posted or something you would like to see me talk about in the future.

Happy new week!


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go” Joshua 1:9


  1. Jane, I’m sad to report that Linda Adair Kyle was diagnosed with Stage 2a breast cancer this past August. She’s finished her first round of chemo, adriamycin, and is now on taxol and another drug. Her counts are low and she’s had to get her counts back up. This was quite a shock. We had gone on a Mediterranean cruise with them the last week in May. Please put her on your prayer list.
    I’m thankful to report that this March 15, 2019, Vicki will be a 20 year breast cancer survivor!!!


    1. Gail I am so sorry to hear this about Linda. Yes, I will put her name down and Vicki. Hard to believe it has been 20 years. Thanks for sharing them with me to include on this portrait in honor of so many, and in memory.
      Thanks, Gail

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