“Expressions” one year anniversary

September 23, 2018 is a date that will forever be engraved in my mind. It was on this day, one year ago, that a big dream of mine became a reality.

My book, “Expressions” happened. It was a magical day from start to finish at the most beautiful venue,  the Barn at Shady Lane

I fully understand that it was always in His timing but so thankful to look back and see how He orchestrated this dream of mine each step of the way.


September 2018 thoughts. . . .  “His Timing”  As this project is being realized very soon, my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and memories over the last years that have led to this time.  Good, sad, some hard but so many happy memories and dreams have been sorted through and spread out over many hours by many sets of eyes. His timing, not mine, was the lesson learned. Flipping through this final proof of my book is a bit surreal to me. Perhaps one of the favorite parts of this whole process is being able to look back and see the path it took to get here. Things I didn’t understand at the time, are made clear as I can see all the doors that were opened along the way to make it all work.


September, 23, Sunday afternoon came, all the preparations were done and the doors were opened. Friends and family came to show support and to get their copy of “Expressions”.

Today, as I look back, so many puzzle pieces had to come together to make it all happen.

Special and huge thanks to Michael and Linda Adler for having faith in me when I approached them about the possibility of using their beautiful Barn at Shady Lane for the book launch. It truly is a gorgeous event venue where magic happens!

Love this sweet lady, Linda Adler, the “SHE Boss” at the Barn


My support team that sat for hours helping the pieces fit, many thanks!!

Anna, me, Hillary, Dawn, Leah

Loved having my family and friends gather with me at the Barn.


Deborah, my sweet accountability friend
My Crown Creation girls, Lisa and JoAnne, who listened to my dream forming for many months and helped tremendously along the way.

Today, I am filled with such sweet memories of this special day. If you would like to read more about the journey you can go here

In celebration of our 1 year anniversary of the book launch, I am offering a special bundle to be included with the purchase of the book.  It is listed here

Happy September 2019!!


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