Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 4

Happy Day 4 of Art at Home for Kids!!

I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download!

I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Share for more chances to win the giveaway, below.

A winner will be selected next week to receive the original artwork from yesterday’s coloring page.

Today, I have created the “Under His wings” angel color page.  It was specifically designed for the young ladies of all ages, to print off and to enjoy decorating her with crayons or paints as you are reminded of His words.

You can download it here to get your copy. Print on heavy paper if available that will hold watercolor or acrylic paint. If you print on typing paper, that works great for crayons or “light watercolor “!

If you missed it Monday, I shared how to make your own watercolor from household items that you probably have on hand. You can go back and check that out if you like.

“Under His wings” Angel Color page includes  the scripture, “He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge” Psalm 91:4


I am also including an extra download for you today. A sheet of feathers to practice on. You can let your child practice on the feathers and you can even let them cut them out and collage on the sheet with the angel for her 3-dimensional wings.  Print a few off so they can play and see which one they like better. I have sketched the feathers very lightly so they can play then outline them when dry with a pencil or extra-fine tip sharpie, my favorite art supply!!

You can get the feather download HERE

 When your child is finished, post and tag me. Another giveaway will be held for this original painting next week. It would look so good to be matted and framed for her room as a reminder of His promise that He is always with us, wherever we go.

As this quarantine continues, my prayer is the same as yesterday.  I pray it gives you “time” to be still and see Him. I pray it gives you “time” to be with your child while they create this art page while you praise them for their work and I pray it gives you “time” to talk to them about His promises while they read the words. Most of all, I pray that if your child doesn`t know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, that it will give you time to share what it means to accept Him in their heart and will equip them to share with friends who may not know Him.

Happy arting day for your little ones. A little encouragement for you in closing, to remember. . . .

“Living in a fallen world is a constant challenge. There is brokenness all around us as well as within us. Each moment you can choose to focus on what is wrong in the world or to seek My face and enjoy My approval. Remember that My delight in you is based on My finished work on the cross So don`t fall into the trap of trying to earn My love. Instead, live as the one you truly are, My beloved, and let your gratitude keep you close to Me, eager to follow wherever I lead. I delight in you!!”  “My heart said, ‘Your face, Lord, I will seek’ “. Psalm 27:8    by Sarah Young, “JESUS TODAY”

Today’s Coloring Sheet


Just in case you missed it:

Homemade watercolor instructions and Monday’s coloring sheet can be found here.