The Jerusalem Donkey

Last summer we took our 13-year-old grandson, Heston, on a trip to Kentucky. We stayed on a horse farm, in an old train depot turned VRBO. Each time we drove up and parked our car, there was a fenced area right beside us where two donkeys lived. Every day when we went outside, they greeted […]

The Art of Encouragement

As this new year began, like everyone else, I was trying to think of a word that could be mine for the year.  After thinking about it, I kept going back to a phrase instead, “Art of encouragement”. These would become my words for 2022. Why Art of Encouragement? “Encouragement” – the action of giving […]

October Breast Cancer Awareness

October Breast Cancer awareness October is the designated month and time to honor breast cancer survivors. It is the month to remember those who have lost their battle with Breast Cancer. It is the month to support the progress being made to defeat breast cancer. In keeping with this theme,  I was thinking of a […]

Modern day warriors

As I  researched and wrote down stories of strong women in the Bible during my recent Lent devotions,  I wanted those women to cause us to reflect on women around us with these same characteristics. It has been so fun for me to think of these modern-day warriors and to share just a snippet of […]

Faces of Grace: Mary

The Essence of Mary Mary was a young teen living in the town of Nazareth, in the hills of Galilee. She came from an impoverished but honorable family. Her family was descendants of Israel’s King David. She was trained in the Scriptures and knew that God had promised to send the Messiah, who would rescue […]

Faces of Grace: Miriam

The Essence of Miriam In the Bible, we are first introduced to Miriam in her role as a protective sister. Miriam’s childhood in the slave quarters of Egypt was one of fear and uncertainty. She and her three-year-old brother, Aaron, had parents who trusted in the God of Israel. Pharaoh was ruler in Egypt. It […]

Faces of Grace: Rahab

The Essence of Rahab  For 40 long and rigorous years, Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness. God delivered them from Egypt, helped them cross the Red Sea on dry ground, and defeated the enemies who tried to thwart their path to Canaan. Around 1400 B.C., the Israelites were about to enter the land promised to them […]

Faces of Grace: Rebekah

The Essence of Rebekah A look back to set the story of Rebekah. Her faith made Sarah able to have a child. Although she was past her childbearing years, she knew that God had made her promises that He would honor. There was no natural way she could possibly conceive a child at her age. […]

Faces of Grace: Rachel

The Essence of Rachel This story is a continuation of last week’s devotion about Leah, except today’s devotion, is from the younger sister, Rachel’s perspective.  At the beginning of the story… Every afternoon, this young woman watered her flock of sheep at a well near Haran, an outpost of the ancient city of Ur. It […]

Faces of Grace: Leah

The Essence of Leah Jacob deceived his father Issac into giving him his brother, Esau’s birthright.  Having learned of Jacobs’s deception, Esau plotted to kill him upon the death of his father. His mother, Rebekah, having heard of Esau’s plan, encouraged Jacob to flee to the land of her brother, Laban. Nearing his destination, he […]

Faces of Grace: Esther

Esther’s story reminds us that God can bring about new life, redemption, and freedom for you, even when it seems an impossible feat.

Hot Chocolate bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs “A Hot Chocolate Bomb is a hollow, chocolate shell filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows.  Place it in a mug and watch it explode as you pour warm milk on top of it and the marshmallows float to the top. Stir it up and you’ll have a delicious cup of chocolate […]

“To my daughter on her wedding day” Poem

“To my daughter on her wedding day” Poem How quickly life changes, right?  This year has brought many changes.  My heart has gone out to all of the brides to be that had been planning their dream wedding and have had to make hard decisions.  They have had to make choices to move forward with […]

Front Line Warriors Courage Coloring Sheet

As this quarantine continues and we are growing weary staying at our homes, it brings to my mind all of the people who are fighting this virus on the front lines and how weary and tired they must be. We get to sleep in our beds at night, many of them do not. Many are […]

Jane Lazenby, Arte para los niños, en español

Last week as I was in the middle of posting new images each day to be available for download, I got a comment that made me really think. A sweet teacher in Honduras,  reached out to me and asked if I would ever consider doing these in Spanish?  My first instinct was to say that […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Adults

With the last two weeks of digital kids art coloring pages done,  I wanted to share an activity for adults to work on. Do you have a bit of free time on your hands at the end of the day when your work is done and the children are in bed? Do you want something […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Week 2, Day 5

Hey!! I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me.   Today, I have created the “You are His masterpiece” color page.  It was specifically designed for boys and girls of all ages.  […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids, Week 2, Day 4

Hey!! I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me.   Today, I have created the “Lord make me an instrument of Your peace” color page.  It was specifically designed for young girls but […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids, Week 2, Day 3

Hey!! I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Today, I have created the “Deep Waters” color page.  It was specifically designed for kids of all ages! You can download it here to get your […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Week 2 Day 2

I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Today, I have created the “I sought the Lord” color page.  It was specifically designed for young girls to paint and read His words from. […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Week 2 Day 1

Happy Week 2, Day 1 of Art at Home for Kids!! I hope you were able to get Friday’s art page download! We had a bonus one for the girls that day. I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Today, I have […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 5

Happy Day 5 of Art at Home for Kids!! I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Share for more chances to win the giveaway, below.   A winner will be selected next […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 4

Happy Day 4 of Art at Home for Kids!! I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Share for more chances to win the giveaway, below. A winner will be selected next week […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 3

I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Share for more chances to win the giveaway, below. A winner will be selected next Tuesday to receive the original artwork from yesterday’s coloring […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 2

I hope you were able to get yesterday’s art page download! I am excited to see the finished ones that your child worked on. Don’t forget to post and tag me. Share for more chances to win the giveaway, below. A winner will be selected next Monday to receive the original artwork from yesterday’s coloring […]

Jane Lazenby Art at Home for Kids: Day 1

As we are getting used to this new reality of staying close to home, my mind wanders to all of the kids who will be at their homes, with you, and looking for things to do. So, with that in mind, I have created some coloring pages for you to download. You can print them […]

Daniel 5, 6, Handwriting on the wall and the Lion`s Den

Daniel 5- Handwriting on the wall When we come to Daniel 5, Nebuchadnezzar had died after a 43-year reign. and now, King Belshazzar is ruling over the Babylonian part of the empire. He is throwing a great banquet for 1000 high ranking people. He mocked God by using the sacred vessels from the temple of […]

Daniel 3, 4- “the fiery Furnace and the Dream”

Daniel 3, “Saved from the fiery furnace” Nebuchadnezzar made an entire statue of gold, representing his reign and authority lasting forever. If anyone refused to worship the image, it was considered not only a religious offense but treason. It was proclaimed that when the people heard the sound of the horn, flute, harp, and lyre, […]

Daniel 2-Nebuchadnezzar`s dream

Daniel 2 Nebuchadnezzar was arguable, the most powerful man of his time. He had the world at his fingertips. His power was limitless, in his mind. Even with all that power, he experienced troubling dreams that he couldn`t interpret. He threatened the astrologers, “If you don`t tell me WHAT my dream was and interpret it, […]

Daniel 1- The Gifts

Welcome to my study of Daniel. In this series, I will be including unfinished pages from my journaling as well as paintings that I created, my interpretations, to go along with the stories of Daniel as they unfold. In the book of Daniel, we see God working in the intimate details of Daniel`s life. Daniel […]

A new decade. stepping into the unknown

  I don`t think it really hit me about the importance of this new year as we were moving toward it until I actually heard someone say, “welcome to a new decade”. A new decade? Wow. That sounds massive to me. A  decade. Ten years. What happened to the last decade and how did it […]

It began in a manger

These words by Max Lucado, are so perfect for us to have and reflect on today on Christmas Day.   “It could have begun anywhere, the story of the king. But, curiously, it began in a manger. The noise and the bustle began earlier than usual in the village. As night gave way to dawn, […]

The Cradle that led to the Cross

  God chose Mary for what could arguably be, the most important job in history – bringing our Savior Jesus Christ into the world. She was the perfect, unlikely choice, which made her story even more remarkable. She was humble and obedient to God as she “treasured up all of these things and pondered them […]

With these hands

I recently did a devotion for my leadership group and spent hours thinking of what I wanted to say. I first was going to speak about “contentment”, which is a great subject. Then I heard a sermon about “transformation”, which made me rethink if I was content, was I willing to be transformed? Of course […]

Art hearts unite

Many years ago, my friend, Lisa, and I took art classes from our soon to be friend, JoAnne. It was an adult class that met each week during the school year and we did art together under the skilled leadership of JoAnne. Through the years, most of the same ladies signed up and came back […]

New Collaborations

A few months ago, I met a few friends for coffee. One old friend and one new friend, sat around the table with me as we talked non stop about life and our mutual connection, art. Our minds collided with ideas and thoughts and dreams. Our mutual friend, Chrissie, is on a new journey with […]

“Expressions” one year anniversary

September 23, 2018 is a date that will forever be engraved in my mind. It was on this day, one year ago, that a big dream of mine became a reality. My book, “Expressions” happened. It was a magical day from start to finish at the most beautiful venue,  the Barn at Shady Lane I […]

“I am” art camp, words of affirmation

“Who was it? What did they say to you? What did they do? Who believed in you before you believed in yourself? I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment. You have the chance to launch a life. You never know […]

Mary- Humility

The Faces of Grace The Essence of Mary Mary was a young teen living in a town of Nazareth, in the hills of Galilee. She came from an impoverished but honorable family. Her family was descendants of Israel’s King David. She was trained in the Scriptures and knew that God had promised to send the […]


The Faces of Grace Miriam-Bravery The Essence of Miriam In the Bible, we are first introduced to Miriam in her role as a protective sister. Miriam’s childhood in the slave quarters of Egypt was one of fear and uncertainty. She and her three-year-old brother, Aaron, had parents who trusted in the God of Israel. Pharaoh […]

Rahab- Faith

THE FACES OF GRACE   The Essence of Rahab  For 40 long and rigorous years, Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness. God delivered them from Egypt, helped them cross the Red Sea on dry ground and defeated the enemies who tried to thwart their path to Canaan. Around 1400 B.C., the Israelites were about […]

Rebekah- strength

The Faces of Grace The Essence of Rebekah A look back to set the story of Rebekah. Her faith made Sarah able to have a child. Although she was past her childbearing years, she knew that God had made her promises that He would honor.  There was no natural way she could possibly conceive a […]

Rachel- Patience

The Faces of Grace The Essence of Rachel This story is a continuation from last week`s devotion about Leah, except today`s devotion,  is from the younger sister, Rachel`s perspective.  At the beginning of the story… Every afternoon, this young woman watered her flock of sheep at a well near Haran, an outpost of the ancient […]

Leah- Hope

THE FACES OF GRACE   The Essence of Leah Jacob deceived his father Issac into giving him his brother, Esau`s birthright.  Having learned of Jacobs deception, Esau plotted to kill him upon the death of his father. His mother, Rebekah, having heard of Esau`plan, encouraged Jacob to flee to the land of her brother, Laban. […]


The Faces of Grace The Essence of Esther Esther was an orphan, raised by her cousin, Mordechai. After the Babylon exile, many of the Jewish people were scattered throughout Persia. They were eventually granted freedom to return to their homeland. Many stayed in exile, as Mordecai and Esther did, rather than return to war-torn Jerusalem. […]

“The Faces of Grace” collection

I love to collect words and thoughts. I have notebooks and journals full of them. As I was flipping through one of them the other day, I came to this quote, “what has God been trying to lay on your heart latey?” Followed by a quote by Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what […]

Meet my friend, Deborah

I met her in Atlanta 23 years ago, at a couple`s Sunday School party.  Soon, we would work together, our children played together and our daughters took ice skating lessons together. As I got to know her, I was impressed with her talents and gifts back then and boy, have they exploded these last years.  […]

“The streets of gold beyond the crystal Sea”

This last week I was able to be at two beautiful celebration services of dear friends.  My childhood friend lost her sweet Daddy. Another childhood friend lost her sweet Mother.  They had both lived wonderful, full lives and left legacies for those behind them to live by. They both had physically broken bodies but now […]

“Meet my Friend!!”

  I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Tricia Robinson!!  We met about 6 years ago and I was instantly drawn to her vibrant bright colors that she uses in her fun art. She loves color and whimsy. She loves the beach. She loves “bubblegum pink”. She loves creating the “beautiful wonky!” […]

Christmas “Surprise Box”

My new Christmas Box of surprises is now available!! I am so excited to be able to offer this new item, just in time for Christmas!  It is a box, filled with some of my favorite things. It includes my new book, “Expressions” Matching bookmark One of our new, “Known and Loved” t-shirts A Signed […]

“Gather together”

One of my most favorite childhood memories of gatherings was around our dining room table. It wasn`t a very large room. Our table would be extended out as far as the walls would allow and chairs were all fit snugly around the outside of the table. Family, extended family members and friends were all welcomed. […]

Real faces behind the names

A few weeks ago, I  invited  you  to help me create an original painting that will be filled with names of women that have been on the breast cancer journey.  I wanted to honor some,  to have some names written in memory and also to encourage others going through breast cancer.  If you want to […]

October Breast Cancer awareness

Today starts the beginning of  my “Proverbs 31:25 Campaign”    October is the designated month and time to honor  breast cancer survivors. It is the month to remember those who have lost their battle with Breast Cancer. It is the month to support the progress being made to defeat breast cancer. In keeping with this […]

“How do you feel as it is getting close?”

As I wake up this morning, realizing  the book launch/signing  is two weeks from today, my mind starts to spin. A sweet friend asked me recently, “how do you feel  as it is getting close to the  book launch?” That  made me dig in and really think about it. I know with each week that […]

Puzzle Pieces and how they came together

It is happening!! After years of being just a thought in my mind, it is finally happening. This book of mine is in the process of being published. Soon, I will have a copy in my hands. YIKES!!!    It didn`t just happen because I thought about it. It didn`t just happen because I wanted […]

“Summer art camps, new book, sweet friends, oh my”

Lately, I have been working overtime in my mind, thinking, dreaming, creating and planning. It all seems so good, so real and so possible in there, in my mind, with my eyes closed. But when I wake up and come back to reality, the same vision is there, then another one and wait, another one  […]

“The weeks before the big day”

  April 29, 1950, was the day.  Bill and Louise`s wedding day.  As the day is getting closer to mark what would have been our Mother and Daddy`s 68th wedding anniversary, my mind goes back to the weeks before  and what they must have been like. All the hustle and bustle going on behind the […]

“A Glimpse of my Daddy”

When I was a young girl, I prayed for a baby for our family. Many birthday wishes  and prayers were always the same, “Please, Lord, give our family a new baby”  It was my quest! When I was 12 and my sister was 15 , my prayers were answered when we got our little brother. […]

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Spring is when everything comes alive. The sun is out longer, flowers bloom and new life is everywhere. It is a beautiful cycle filled with brushstrokes from the Master painter. New Look As this season of spring comes, so does a new beginning for me. I am excited to share my new look […]

“Hey, guess what?”

Do you ever have the urge to pick up the phone , and say “Hey, guess what ?” only to realize that conversation isn`t going to happen? Over seven years, and I still think about doing it sometimes. After all of those collected years of talking each day and then no more . No more […]

The Finish line

The diagnosis The battle began late spring. The words stung as we heard her say them, “Breast cancer”.  Everything after that went very fast. The surgery, test results, chemo, side effects, more tests and then radiation. Her life was all mapped out for her, each day, each moment.   She took on the task of […]

She learned to strive for Progress not Perfection

      I wrote this a few weeks ago. I sat on it, deciding if I wanted to go public with my thoughts or not. But as I come across it this morning, I find my thoughts are still the same but circumstances have changed in the world for a brief moment of time. […]

It takes an army

I have often heard those words.   Well, I am here to say how true that is. I am most thankful for my army of friends who were there for me recently… The wedding was over 6 weeks ago. It is a wonderful memory NOW…. but during the planning and getting ready stages, there were […]

Hidden treasures

I think as I am getting older, my mind works a little different. With the mind reorganizing and adjusting to being slightly over middle age, it resonates  my soul. THINGS mean more to me.. Not STUFF, but THINGS… Stuff is just temporary items that have been collected over the years.. THINGS are words, stories, memories […]

Buttons and the faith of a child

It all started as I was talking to a sweet young friend to see if she would like some craft rhinestones to use for art projects with her little girls.  I added in the conversation,  that I had some doilies too if she was interested. She was excited to get both items but what she […]

Life is not always a perfect Pinterest picture…

From the title, one might think this is going to be a deep LIFE lesson entry, but not so much this time. It is just a transparent look at everyday life. You just have to live with the punches and go on. If we compared our lives with the seemingly “on the outside”,  “perfect” pictures […]

Reflections of His love

  Today I was on an ordinary quick run to Walmart. It was a beautiful sunny day, when I got out of the car and headed inside. I finished my list, and was looking for the quickest check out line to get into. Hurriedly I found one with just a few people in front of […]

Taking America for Granted

This was going to be my day.. Staying home,  with a million things on my to do list.. I have put things behind me to save to do one day, and today, was the day I had planned in my mind to get started. As  I began to walk aimlessly around,  trying to figure out where to […]

Full heart, new season

We are in full swing of the wedding season at our house. 3 weeks and counting. I thought once the big decisions were done with the venue and the vendors, the rest would just glide on in and we could count the days down. LOL… After all, I had been through this twice before when […]

Thursday Mornings

For the last 14 years, I have spent my Thursday mornings at Community Bible Study. It is a great part of my week, that I look forward to. A big part of our CBS, is our leader, Penny. I have teased her by saying,  it is like we are at church and she is the preacher […]

It`s about the Cross

“It`s About The Cross” As I listened one of my favorite  songs, “It`s about the Cross” by the Ball Brothers the other day, it  reminded me what life it all about. The Chorus of the song goes this way,   “It’s about the cross, It’s about my sin, It’s about how Jesus came to be born once, […]

Artist Trading Cards

Recently I was watching a lesson that was about painting ATC cards….. I thought it would be fun to do a few of them, so I got my watercolor paper out and started marking off the spaces to sketch a few…   So, did I mention that I kind of got carried away once I […]

Yummy new discovery

Now, I am well aware that many have made similar things before, but for me, this was just an easy, yummy recipe, just when I needed it. I have several friends, who we are taking meals to. When you are trying to decide what to take, what the family may like, many recipes go through […]

Memory of a spring drive down the road

A short time ago, we went out for a ride, Tom and me.. it was a fun day,,but I kind of forgot about it as time passed and life happened. Today, it popped up  on my facebook memories . and I remembered all over again, the details… it is the simple things in life, that […]

Calvary Love

These words were  shared recently in a devotion at my Bible Study. My watercolor picture I included here , “You are my sunshine”  represents the  Love shared between this Grammie and her grandsons…. as we think about Calvary love and what it means….   This was Stacha Conway inspired through a class offered by Brandi Dayton… […]

To be Found FAITHFUL

To be found Faithful Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a celebration service for a sweet man, a Daddy, granddaddy, great granddaddy, and friend to many, who had lived  life WELL for 92 years.  I didn`t realize that we shared the same birthday until I got there and glanced at the program and there […]

Dressed in righteousness

As I was posting a picture to my instagram and writing the words to put with her, I looked up scripture to include and my google words were “clothed with righteousness, confidence”  many scriptures popped up but then my eyes landed on an article that had  been highlighted in a blog by  Joni and friends […]

“Bits `n Pieces”

I recently gave a devotion for my Bible Study leadership and wanted to share it. It is called “BITS `N PIECES”   As I have gotten older, my mind thinks a bit differently about life. Because I have lived way over half of it…  I touched on it a bit when I was talking last […]

Sweet finds

  New year, new projects, new goals and new lessons! I guess I will never tire of learning and watching others share their talents!! It makes it so easy to watch as more and more people are sharing with utube videos or classes.  I had tried to get a few backgrounds ready for a new […]

Happy New Year 2017

  I say it every year but I never learn….. After Halloween, you almost miss Thanksgiving then right around the corner will be Christmas… You can`t blink or you will miss it all.Life happens, days are filled with busyness, weeks pass, then you wake up to the grandest celebration all year. the birthday of Jesus…. […]

Christmas rush is on

I always say to myself, once Halloween is over, Thanksgiving hurries in, then we blink, and Christmas is here!! And this year proves to be the same. Thanksgiving is now a memory, and Christmas will be here soon. So much to do.. So many things in my mind that need to be created… I have […]

Love through the eyes of a Child

As I was looking through some things a few weeks back, I came across this little book that my older son gave me when he was 8.  I tend to save things that the kids made for me, not all of them, but the special ones.  With this little book, it took me back to 1985.. […]

I cast my mind to Calvary and transfix my gaze on Him

Early on in the election process, I was truly amazed at information that would be on the news. Any one story would have been major news at any other time with any other people, but as the time has drawn closer to the actual election, all bets are off.  Too many things to mention…. Have […]

From…the good, bad and ugly ….. to completed

Several weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to participate in an Advent celebration. Of course, I wanted to, but wasn`t exactly sure what that was all about. During the next few days, I was sent  readings and scripture that the painting is supposed  to be based on. Luke 1:26-38 was the scripture. […]

The Making of a Butterfly Princess

  From sketch with my mechanical pencil…. to using heavier pencils….. to shading….. To final watercolored painting….  She was a fun doodle, but the favorite part, to me… is when the watercolor is dry, and the detailing starts… that is why I get excited when I get a brand new pack of fine tip micron […]

“Christmas Egg Ornament” memories

Today, all of a sudden, I had an overwhelming moment where I missed my Mother. .  These times just come out of no where. A few days ago, I found an old book where she had spoken into it and it recorded her voice telling the story.  My sister and I commented, as we listened, […]

Prayer Wall

A few days ago, I took a quick over night trip with my friend, Lisa, to Franklin, Tennessee. We went for a pop up show at the Factory and had a great time walking around looking, even in the rain on Friday. Saturday, we got up bright and early and our mission was to go […]


She started as a simple pencil drawing one day,  then the watercolor.   I felt she needed a little more so that is when the doodle pen started…. LOL…. and on and on until I had no room for anything else… I call her “Fearless” “She took baby steps as she was becoming the child […]

October week in Dallas

This week, Tom and I were able to go to Dallas, for a much planned and anticipated trip. The week they moved in August, Tommy asked if we might be able to come help out while Rebecca was out of town at a family wedding.  So, Tom had a bit of business out here for […]

Stabilo and Gesso Lesson

This week, Kara Bulloch from Let`s Face it, had the lesson. She is about ready to start sign ups for next year and it will be one that I do for sure. It has been such a variety of instructors with excellent lessons, each concentrating on faces or parts of the face. Anyway, back […]

Drawing and Shading with Tombow Markers

  I have been wanting to try out my Tombow markers to blend faces. I have seen a very talented friend using them and love the colors she is able to create with the markers. So, today, football Saturday, the tv one, and my table set up with my supplies pulled out,  I braved the […]

“Believe in yourself”

I started a new pencil sketch to watercolor last week.  I was thinking about what to call her, as I flipped through  one of my favorite books, Simply Tuesday, by Emily P Freeman. In it, she asked “is your soul being held hostage by hustle?”  She encourages to embrace today`s work. Find contentment in the […]

New Journal Idea

On our weekly trip to the Book Store this week, I was looking for a planner to finish the year up and go into next year. Well,  this little journal caught my eye. Of course it was for last year, but still had a few months left for 2016, and it was on sale for […]

From wood to acrylic to finished

This week as I watched the lifebook 2016 lesson, instead of pulling out some mixed media paper to work on, I had a piece of board I was saving for the right project, and it was what I decided to use.  It is 12×24, and I thought it would be good for this lesson with […]

Mustard Seed Faith

I love to play with watercolors. I have quite the collection, tubes, trays, and several just ordinary packs…. just in case…. but some of my favorites are the $5 ones from Michaels…. A friend of mine had sent me a small pill box, and put three different colors of  tube watercolor in it. I thought that […]

Half full or half empty?

I have had many of my friends, so sweetly, check on me this week to see how I am doing. I am a bit taken back by the attention. So thankful to have friends who get my life and reach out to help during all circumstances. So thankful….. This last week, as I am thinking […]

Memories…….Family time…. and Heston

I have tried to be a big girl this week. I know life happens, new jobs come, people move away and life goes on. I know God has the bigger picture planned, that we can`t see.  I know there are so many people who are hurting with serious, serious trials going on…. I know all […]

Wedding Eve memories, from August, 2012

My friend, Jo Anne, and her daughter, Julie, have been busy for months planning for tomorrow. They have been planning each detail for the ceremony that will take place tomorrow morning, here in Birmingham. It is Julie`s wedding day eve, today, and tomorrow is the big day, Her wedding to Caleb. They were both moving […]

This is the week before… the big move

This week was filled with “last times”  The boys stayed with me off and on and I was able to get some good “last” visits in before they leave for Dallas.  Heston went to swimming parties with his friends, for the last time…. He said good bye to friends, Rebecca said good bye to friends. […]

Summer 2016 Beach trip

My sister and I took our oldest grandchildren to the beach this last week….She took Adelyn, 7, and I took my Heston, 8.  We called it our “1st annual cousin/grandmother trip”. Hopefully it will happen again next summer because it was a fun few days of beach, sand, pool, eating and ipads!   Heston is […]


This week I had some transformations with my art work. We had a lesson with Jane Davenport in Lifebook2016, and I love her style.  Started with a sketch then added the watercolors…. She gives the ideas, and then I put it into my own look.. Still trying to figure out all the watercolors can do […]

Summer Camp 2016

Summer camps… oh the memories…Unairconditioned Bunk houses, noisy screen doors that opened to the outside, huge, or at least it seems huge in my mind… LOL, swimming pool with diving board, skating rink, and the best canoe slim battles ever. Can you believe that we used to look forward to those slim battles?!! Last week […]

“Let`s face it”, lesson with Olga

I have really enjoyed a class that I am taking called “Let`s face it”. Kara Bulloch is the brains behind it. There are weekly lessons and she has many other guest artist who participate teaching the lessons.  Several weeks ago, yes, I am behind, surprise, surprise, Olga Furman had a mini lesson. It is called […]

Repost from 3 year ago…. still same thoughts!!

Spring Cleaning, a bit late I find myself again, today, trying to unclutter. I have so much to do today, in my mind, orders to do, and projects to finish.  But as I was sitting in the living room/office yesterday, my A D D mind had a brain storm. A brain storm?!!  or at least what […]

Distressed wood, part 2, and Sunday Sketches Logo

  I have enjoyed using distressed wood for some of my paintings, given to me by a sweet friend…. I pulled a few out that I thought were finished…. but didn`t do much for me… so they sat with me in my office for a day or two, as I was just thinking…. about what to […]

Patches of Joy

I think I will never tire from finding these little reminders around the house. It has been 6 years this month, since we got the news of Mother having pancreatic cancer. We tried to get as much life into those next 5 months as we possibly could. And it worked until her frail body just […]

Back to the drawing board

I had the most wonderful week last week. Tom and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean on Liberty of the Seas, with my sister and husband. As we were walking up the ramp to the ship, we all commented to enjoy the days, cause before we knew it, it would be over… and […]

Helper in the art room

I get to keep my little two year old grandson each week for the day. He has watched as his older “bubby” goes into my art room to create many times. This week, as we got in the house and started putting his bag down, he runs to the steps and says he wants to […]

My friend, JoAnne

I love to watch journeys with my friends, to actually see how they play out and how God is using them in new seasons.   Let me go back about 16 years ago, when I signed up my daughter, then 4th grader, for afternoon art lessons with the art teacher at her school.  It was quite […]

“He has called you by name”

Several weeks ago, I was talking to my friend about helping her with a painting for her bedroom wall. She wasn`t too specific, just a few things she wanted added. She told me her colors that she was using in her bedroom, so I kind of had the background colors in my mind to start. […]

Distressed barn wood, ah, the possibilities

I have talked about getting bucket fulls of barn wood recently from my DIL`s Dad, who lives on acres outside of town, with a barn that he is redoing. That leaves lots of unwanted pieces, that he has kindly given me.. I could be busy all year working on them! I pulled out a few […]

Water coloring mandalas

I have admired Renata Loree for a few years, ever since I found her art. I even took a class with her online last year and loved it. Well , this week in lifebook2016, she was the featured teacher. I watched her lesson, she actually had two in case you didn`t like the first girl`s […]

How we Choose our Stories

  Apply the cross in your Story.   I am in awe how God orchestrates our lives. How He brings people and circumstances in our lives when we don`t even realize but when we need them most.   I have been thinking about how He has our lives planned out,  He never leaves us….. He is […]

This is How I Roll with my Angels

There was a time not too long ago when, if you asked my son about something he was doing, he would say, “That is how I roll” As I am looking back over the week, my first week of summer with extra days and time to play, I am seeing a common theme… Wood Distressed […]

Old made new

I have been kind of close to home these last few days as I am still getting over my walking pneumonia.and the annoying cough that it has left me with!! That has allowed me some good art time. YAY!! As I often do, leaving what I was going to be working on today, I went […]

Major redo

Major redo!! A few years ago, I went to a paint party where all the ones there, paint very similar paintings to the example that the teacher has. I finished mine and was fairly happy with it for several years. Then… as I looked at it in my art room, I became tired of it. […]

Happy Mother`s Day

    Mother`s day has rolled around again. This year is the 5th I have had without Mother. So many sweet memories flood my mind as I continue to miss her and think of her.  She always loved to make angels with her ceramics or hand work. So when I paint my angels, they  remind […]

Angels among us

I had an angel kind of day this week. I got some of my wood canvas out and painted it all black. then sketched in some angels. Different sizes and different groups, and some single ones but worked on them kind of at the same time. Painted the subjects with white gesso, then went around […]

Canvas Flowers

Last week, I got together a friend at our friend`s home and we worked on some flower paintings. Our artist friend, had graciously agreed to a day of painting and inspiration. I have not done many flowers on canvas but wanted to practice so I could feel more comfortable with them. There is lots to learn […]

Vintage music girls

I am still working to do my 30 faces in 30 days challenge. Some days are pushing to get her done but it has been fun to try.. One of the prompts was Music. I have plenty of music, some from when Mother took lessons and my grandmother, and some left over from my childhood. […]

Face challenge

In the midst of me telling myself that I should not be any more classes online….. because I am trying to keep up with the few that I have ongoing, I stumble upon this challenge. One of the artist that I love to keep  up with , Annie Hammen, and see her creations, was doing […]

Field of Roses

I took a bit of a different path today. I woke up early and while the rest of the house was sleeping, I went to my little art room and started a new picture.  Not knowing exactly what it was going to become, I started with board and gave it a palette knife layer of […]

It`s Friday but Sundays coming!

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the start of our Easter weekend celebration. It is the day we remember when Christ was crucified on the cross….. but  thankfully, that is not the end of the story…. Sunday is coming and He has risen!!     In anticipation of Easter and having the family over, I went looking […]

Distressed barn wood paintings

I have this new love for painting on distressed wood. I have been doing it for several years, but recently have developed this appreciation and admiration for these old pieces of wood. They have served their purposes well, and now, instead of being tossed out for trash, they have a new purpose. They truly are […]

My seasons and roles on this journey of mine called LIFE

I have just shared my testimony recently at my Bible Study during the opening, and several of my friends were not there and asked if I could share online, so here it goes, as I am reading from the notes I made to help me that morning.  I will start by telling about an out […]

Art at sea

My sister and I just got back from a wonderful cruise with Sandi Patty, us and about 800 other Sandi Patty fans. LOL!! I realize some of you may be too young to even know who she is, but we grew up loving to listen to her beautiful voice. She is a Christian artist and […]

Haven of Hope Ministries

This is the third year that Gracie and Co has had the privilege to participate in this spring retreat.  Haven of Hope is a ministry dedicated to helping mothers that are grieving the death of a child. Their verse is  “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those that are crushed in spirit” Psalm […]

“Give it Up to find a cure”

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of the campaign from last February by   Kayla Perry This is how she tells about her journey… She  was diagnosed with high-risk stage IV neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a pediatric cancer that typically presents itself in very young children and infants, so from the very beginning of her […]

Gesso girl

This week, I brought out played with a background that I had done a while back I touched it up a bit them drew and gessoed the girl and her hair onto it. Now it was time to color in the white.  I  used my black stabilo pencil to draw the outline back on and […]

Creating flowers

This week in our lifebook2016 lesson, I learned a new process. First, we just took random paint and covered a blank canvas sheet, just to get color and not white showing… Next, you just pop some color with a larger brush  in the areas where the flowers will be, no shape here at this point, […]

Blessed with freckles

I have started a new class. I know my  friends and faithful readers are not surprised by this at all.!! You see, I told myself that I would not do this, sign up for new classes,  until I was finished doing a few other classes  that I am already doing. But, then along came a […]

Partnership with Emma Hope

This past summer I met with Emma Hope, a pediatric cancer patient that I had been paired with for an event.   Ateam Ministries here in Birmingham, hosts a fund raiser each February called Heart 2 Heart.   They have local artist who partner with these pediatric cancer patients, for a creating partnership. We meet and […]

Lifebook2016 has started

New year means the beginning of another year with lifebook,  lifebook2016. Tamara Laporte started the lifebook 4 or 5 years ago, and I have participated for the last two years. Now with 2016, this makes my third year. It is a great way to learn different techniques with many different teachers. There is a lesson […]

My beautiful bowl

Christmas traditions are the best. One of my favorite traditions started years ago, as a young girl. We would always have Christmas night dinner with our family friends, the Hamiltons. I don`t remember what we ate most of the time, but I do remember the dessert . Mother would pull out this beautiful cut glass […]

Gifts for Christmas

The time just comes and goes so quickly. I tell myself each year that I will start earlier getting things ready for Christmas. Each year, seems to be the same though.. If I had an extra 2 weeks, I would still be doing things up until the last minute. This year was no different. I […]

Nutcracker coloring page

Here is a coloring page for you to copy and print off for your child to color. Enjoy!  

Roses and words

  I was working on finishing up a few lifebook2015 lessons before the new year starts with new lessons I came to this lesson by Effy Wild. If you looked at her picture, and compared it to mine, it would look nothing like it!! Only things similiar would be the flowers and sunshine. But that […]

Life happens and time heals, sort of

I have heard the saying, time heals all wounds, and it may be true for some wounds, but how can you heal from the death of someone dear? Time does help. Time makes it not hurt as much or think about them every minute, but “heal”, I am not so sure.   This was our […]

Glory to the newborn King

I have been busy at the house, getting ready for two events that I was hosting. Cooking, cleaning, and more cleaning and cooking. But it is truly my favorite time of year and I love to have parties. I had my Bible study girls over for lunch last week and a Cookie Exchange. I love […]

Doodling and watercolor

Watercolor lightly over pencil sketches Doodling on top of watercolor with extra fine tip black marker Linked with Sunday Sketches today here Have a wonderful new week! Love, Jane  

New look, once again

  I started this mixed media girl and as I finished , what I thought was finished, her hair just looked washed out, so I took her back to the drawing board and worked a bit more… Gave her some darker pink hair, and added some butterfly wings…. I put her a princess crown on, […]

Process from ugly to finished

This week I truly understood, once again, how people say it has to go through an ugly stage before it turns out. LOL.. this first picture is the ugly stage for both of these pictures. I thought I would share them to see the difference in starting and the finished vision. The first one was […]

My sweet Daddy

Tomorrow would have been my Daddy`s 87th birthday.  November 20, 1928 was the day he was born. Wow… Hard to think what he would have been like had he lived to be the ripe old age of 87. He would have spent a life time in his woodshop. I have no doubt of that. He […]

Kindred Art Retreat on 30A

  I have been admiring Tricia Robinson`s work for a long time. She paints such fun and joyful paintings, each one with its own personality. When she is finished with the painting but before it dries, she etches out an inspirational thought or scripture into her creations. They make me happy just to look at […]

Wood canvas girls to encourage

I have recently found a fabulous source for recycled pallet board wood canvas. Doug from Redeemed wood, makes these pieces and they are great to paint on. He finishes them for either acrylic or gets them ready and primed for watercolors. I had ordered some small boxed pieces, 3×4 and 3×3 sizes and had them sitting in […]

“She let her faith be bigger than her fears”

I would like to share this girl with someone who needs to be reminded that God is bigger than her fears. Know anyone who would like to be included in this ? Sign up to follow me on my blog, then comment under this entry the name and address of someone you think needs this […]

Pencil sketches to think about…. and maybe color?!!

  With Christmas in the air, it is making the urgency real, to start thinking about it. I was trying to work on a few pencil sketches to get ready for some cards. In doing so, still deciding if I wanted to add color to them or not. So, I scanned them without color and […]

Children, entrusted to us, but on loan from God

This week in our Bible Study, we had a wonderful opening by a sweet friend of mine. She told her personal story of growing up with her grandmother taking care of her when her own mom couldn`t. She said, she was one step away from being a foster child. Then she went on to say […]

Fall Pre-Halloween fun

Today is Monday. The Monday before Halloween and I was kind of feeling it in the air. It started out as many Mondays, me anticipating spending the day with my little buddy, Leif. After I picked him up from his Mommie, we went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping. I had several pinterest […]

Watercolor kind of week

I have had a watercolor kind of week. They are easy to get to when I am in the den at night. They don`t take a tremendous amount of time, usually, and I love to use my favorite extra fine tip black sharpie to detail after I am finished with the watercolor. So, I got […]

Nature angel

    This week I was working on some catch up lessons that I had not done yet . I had wanted to get to  this one from Mindy Lacefield  called “Permission to play”. As I am taking some online classes, I  have come to realize that some of mine do not look like the lesson […]

A girl has to have a make over every once in a while

I love to pull out old pictures that I thought I liked, but with fresh eyes, see a few things that need changing. It would take me a very long time if I did that to all of my earlier paintings because there are so many that I would redo. But I just pick one […]

Fall is here!

As the weather has taken a sudden dip in temperature, it is really beginning to feel like fall. Several things happened this weekend to remind me … My husband, Tom, had gone away with son and grandson for a Tennessee game, and as I sat down to watch a show last night, I had to […]

Getting caught up with my lessons

New week, new lessons, new ideas…..busyness is upon us…!!   I was excited to have a good part of the day yesterday to be in my little office area with my paints, pencils and papers. I have gotten a little behind in some of my lessons so I wanted to try to get a little […]

My very own War Room

  This week I saw the movie, “War Room”. I went, not really knowing what it was about. I had just heard how good it was. As I was watching and listening to the words, it was as if we were sitting in church. It was that powerful. I loved the story it told. I […]


Time to have a giveaway to celebrate 2000 sells in our etsy shop!!! Sign up to follow our blog, and comment below to tell me you did  for more chances…. Follow our link to instagram and tag three friends who are not following us.  and for more chances…… Share our facebook post on your facebook page […]

Ink Play

    I have discovered a new artist who I love. She did a  guest artist lesson in Mindy Lacefields class Permission to play. Her name is Consu Tolosa    She had her lesson using inks and it was interesting to play with them. I still have lots to learn about them, but the rain […]

Doodling on the brain…

    This week, I worked on this little sketch and watched her “become”…. I never know when I start what direction they will take, but the more I looked at her, the more lines I made until the page was finished with doodling!! I lightly touched it up with pink and grey watercolor…   Then…. […]

Angels and birds

This week I was doodling with some thoughts and ideas from the new FLOW magazine. It is filled with clip art ideas this time. So fun to look through that magazine and be inspired. I think I will add a little watercolor to the bird and his surroundings but that will come later. Of course, […]

All grace in every season

  I never knew this day would lead to where it has. Past memories are brought up ever so often, and relived. But some memories are buried so deep that it takes a lot of work to bring them to the surface. I have recently gotten the best book to read, which I have mentioned […]

Ballpoint pen sketches

          We went on a trip this week and on the airplane, I only had my sketch pad and a ballpoint pen and a book. I read for a bit then got the pen out and tried some sketches. It is not near as exact, obviously, cannot erase wrong lines… but […]

Rainbow Girls

I  signed up to take a class, Permission to Play, with Mindy Lacefield recently and sometimes she has a guest artist with a lesson.  This week was one of those weeks and the guest was Consu Tolosa . I love to meet new artists through classes or blogs and Consu is one of those who I will start […]

Distress wood angels

I had a few pieces of furniture made recently and when he delivered them, I had asked if he had any old pieces of wood, to stick in so I could paint on them…. So, I have been playing with the pieces he brought me… I am not sure when the love of distressed wood […]

Watercolor flowers

I tried a small water color today… just lightly sketched and went over with the colors.. I usually have a tendency to do water color with a heavy hand…    I am learning that paper towels are your friend!! I like to blot off the color as it is wet and do several light layers […]


Watercolors out, I sketched this girl from a magazine photo. Her beautiful tiara drew me to her!! After the sketch, I started with the water coloring…   Added some black fine tip lines to the tiara, as i finished up with the hair outline.     I decided to add a banner and some stars […]

Last May, I went to Huntersville, NC for a workshop   Donna Downey`s Store  with Danielle Donaldson. I love her style of watercolor and since I have not studied watercolor before, I was anxious to learn all I could while there. I have done a few  watercolor girls since then but have wondered to other things too.  Her […]

My favorite supplies to use

My favorite supplies  sharpie water based white fine tip marker You can`t always find these, and they are not perfect cause they still clog sometimes after you have used them for a while, but they are one of the best that I have found. Uni ball white gel pen Micron 005 fine tip pen Sharpie […]

Work in progress

  This is a start of my painting from sketch to finished look.       The easiest part sometimes is the pencil sketch to get started. Then the question is what to do with it? How to color? acrylic paints or watercolors or oil? I decided to go for the watercolors.. I worked on […]

Instagram gold nuggets

I have been trying to keep up with social media, as best I can. I have a twitter account, but do not use it. I created an instagram for me several years ago and I do use it and enjoy scanning through it to see other posts. Mostly, the pictures draw me in to the […]

Lifebook2015 Lesson 28

This week, in Lifebook, Tamara Laporte shared her colleged painting. She started with a magazine cut out of a face then collage around her…     Add the watercolor crayons and color in, with some washi tape placed in several spots   White paint, then brayer over the picture.. lightly I added a bird to […]

Flower Girl

  This week in our lifebook2015 lesson, we were watching as Andrea Gomoll showed how she created her princess warrior… Somewhere along the way, my girl turned into a flower princess.. Haha! I guess that is what it is all about, learning the techniques and making it your own… So, I started with the sketch […]

Was it real?

A few days ago, I wrote about the simple life growing up. As I was closing my thoughts, I asked the question, “Was it real?”  “Was it really so?”  This perfect , simple childhood of mine in my mind. My heart was saddened for the loss of that innocence, especially for my grandchildren growing up […]

Mixed media Girl Portrait

    This week, I got my bleeding tissue paper in the mail. I love to get packages from Amazon. I just keep a running order going with them, then when I have enough to warrant shipping charges, I purchase… I had tried to do my own bleeding tissue paper with inks and they worked […]


    I wish I could find the original painting of this girl. LOL!!  I did her last year, and she was on a stack, along with many others, of old pieces that need a face lift. Now, knowing me, I may look at her in a few weeks and see something that makes me […]

From one middle child to another

Growing up a middle child, I didn`t really feel the middle child syndrome because our little brother was so much younger than us.  My middle son, I am sure, would tell you a different story!! He was 4 years younger than his brother and then, the princess was born 8 years later. So, he got […]

Watercolor sketch

I got my sketch pad out after dinner and started sketching with this little girl from a magazine picture I had found. I liked how it was a side ways look. Then, I pulled out the watercolors to add some color to her. Of course, in my mind I can always make any sketch into […]

Watercolor girl

  This week I was playing around with some watercolor. Still trying to get the colors to blend. It is a proven fact, that I still need much practicing with this technique called watercolor!! But I sketched it out, then tried to do the watercolor and let dry. Afterwards, I used some collage for her […]

Acrylic and watercolor play

This week my daughter asked me to help her with some thank you gifts. She had just gotten back from a work trip and wanted to send the ladies a thank you for helping her. So, she was giving me ideas of sayings or designs and mentioned that her favorite quote was by CT Studd… […]

If it doesn`t bring you JOY, get rid of it

My sister and I talk about getting rid of our clutter all the time. We used to save things for the children in case they wanted it one day. All of our children have grown up and have their own things and their own taste and their own places… they have taken things from our […]

Collage Girl

I started sketching in my journal….. and this little girl started to come alive added some paper collage around her.. then gesso and a bit of color for the background with watercolor crayons.. Then I discovered a new item that I have not used before. In one of the lifebook lessons, the instructor used ink […]

Pursue being AMAZED

Today we visited my childhood church. My sister and her husband went with Tom and me and we sat with our brother, Bill, who still goes there. We grew up there as a family, Tom and I were married there. It holds lots of memories for us all. That being said, as time has a […]

My Lara

Just recently we celebrated our daughter`s 26 Birthday. My question is this… where did the time go? Honestly, it seems like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant with her… then, I blinked along the way of life and here we are …… passing right by those sleepness nights when she was a baby, […]

Huntersville, North Carolina

Last weekend I went to Huntersville, NC. to Donna Downey`s Studio for an art retreat. Danielle Donaldson was there from California to teach her watercolor techniques. I had taken several online classes with her but was excited to see her in person and watch her create. We started off with color charts, and […]

Decorator Show Home

This week in Birmingham we are having the Decorator Show Home. The Alabama Symphony picks a home each year, and the decorators get a room to do to their liking. It is quite the event, open for two weeks with many people coming to take a look. They have a room somewhere in the home […]


This week in our lifebook2015 lesson, we did 15 minute backgrounds…. I loved watching the lesson but then when it was time to do mine, I didn`t quite do it in 15 minutes… LOL…. I didn`t even time it, but it took way longer!! I did the backgrounds on the first day, then let them […]

Lifebook 2015 lesson 14

This week, in the Lifebook2015 lesson, Tamara did a collage, two page spread… Kind of stepped out of my usual look, but love to try new things…. this is the first page, then the optional page to go beside it in the journal had same colors… Thank you for visiting this week. Linked today with […]

What are our gifts to lay before the King?

December, 2011 As I was sitting in my CBS leadership this week, our prayer chairman had the best devotion for us. She has been on a journey these last two years, that few can even imagine, among our group. She lost her husband and was left to raise three children alone. I say alone, but […]

Christmas creations

I have had more fun with this new look that I have found. It started out as an experiment but now, I am finding myself looking for scraps of wood around the house to do another picture on. I had about 8 little square pieces of wood that I had actually gotten from Home Depot […]

Hot Chocolate bar

2012 I have seen a few ideas of hot chocolate bars from Pinterest recently and decided that I wanted to have one in my den. I am a huge lover of all kinds of chocolate so this seemed appropriate for me to have to finish off my decor for the Christmas season. The quest was […]

Proverbs 31 Mother

 April, 27, 2012 I have just been reaquainted with a great little book that I received back in 1995 as a Christmas gift. It is called “Silver Boxes” the Gift of Encouragement by Florence Littauer. If you have not read it, I encourage you to go get you a copy. It will fill your heart and […]

The Day our little Brother was born

This is the day, May 24, that will always stand out in my memory for several reasons……. today,our little brother, Billy, as we grew up calling him … is celebrating … his birthday!! Let me go back a few years, 1966 to be exact. We were a family of 4. Daddy, Mother, Anne and me. I […]

Christian Boot Camp for authors part 2

Yesterday I went to another Christian Authors Class at Samford, the second one that I had signed up for… This time specializing in writing memiors and children`s books. The second half of the day, after lunch, we meet with Ellen Maze, to tell us how to get our books published. Lots of information, lots of it over […]

Mod podge letters with Heston

April, 2012 My little grandson, Heston , just recently spent the week with us while his Mom and Dad were out of the country. He was sick the first half of the visit so we did a lot of sitting around, watching movies. The second week, he was back to normal, enjoying all that life […]

Welding lessons with Lisa

My friend, Lisa, and I see each other each week in our adult art class that I have talked about before. We all share ideas, things we like and things we would like to learn to do one day. Recently, Lisa and I were talking about some really cool iron crosses that we had seen. We […]

Prayers listed up for Laura Black

My heart has been so heavy lately as I am following a sweet Mother`s caring bridge page about her journey with cancer. Laura Black has had cancer for over 5 years, pregnant when she first found out. It looks like she has been in constant battle with it for all of these years. Her recent […]

A Day at the market with the girls

Early this morning, Lindsey, Lacy and I headed out toward Atlanta for the Apparel Market. Lindsey had never been to the market before, so we were all excited about this road trip today.. I made some calling cards for my new employee, Lindsey, to have as we checked in at the market registration table… . We […]

Showers of Blessings

Memory post from a few years ago.. Today, we went on a little day trip with part of our family, a few couldn`t come, but Lara was home and got to go with us, Rebecca, Tommy and Heston too. We played a bit, had a picnic, played a bit more then headed back home. It […]


I have tried very hard these last few years to rid myself of stuff. It has been a slow process to say the least. Not only is my “stuff” ready to be gone through, but as I was going through Mother`s “stuff”, I couldn`t part with some of it so I brought it over to […]


We had gone to our old church in Atlanta, Johnson Ferry Baptist, a few years back and heard  a great message from our pastor, Bryant Wright… I found this entry I had written back then in an old blog and thought it was worth reposting. God is so good to send reminders to us ….   […]

My Thursdays

 I love Thursdays! Thursdays start off early, as I am getting up, getting ready for Community Bible Study. We start at 9:15 as we gather to pray together for the day, for our ladies who will be coming,pray for one another and for any prayer requests that are mentioned. Then the ladies start getting there […]


Memories, Oct. 2011 As I am going through some boxes in my garage looking for something the other day, I come across a box that I have brought home from Mother`s house. We have been through most of her things now and I have many boxes filled with her things in my garage and up […]

Christmas Music Box

Dec. 2011 When I was going through Mother`s things, trying to pack up her things, finding new homes for as much as I could, I came across her Christmas music box that she had made. She took ceramics for years and gave us all many beautiful things she made over the years. This particular piece […]

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus! This is a funny story that was breought to my mind as I was cleaning out my closet the other day. Way up high on the top shelf, I pulled down a big box. In that box, was a small version of the old record players years ago that played by themselves. […]

Christmas tea Party 2012

Since mother passed away two years ago, I felt like I had lost touch with her friends. I had a connection through her. I knew many of her friends and many more, I just knew the names. She would always tell us stories of her friends and their families and what was going on. With […]

Lace from the past

June 19, 2013 Today, I was making the big effort that I have been dreading but excited to start…. de-cluttering !!!! My goad is to at least make a small start this summer in taking a few closets and rooms and getting rid of things I do not need anymore. Happy to report that I […]

Christmas in July, for real

 July, 2013 My two friends, JoAnne and Lisa, and I have been on a marathon few day of creating. We all love to create and we all agree that it is much more fun to do it with friends. It is more than just working…. we talk, we encourage, we laugh, we plan, we eat, […]


May, 2012 Birthdays are so special, no matter what age you are. It has always been important to me to be sure there is a birthday cake at these birthdays for family and friends… even when the adults do not want one. I always say, “What is a birthday without a cake?!!”  But as I […]

Afternoon with Heston and the alarm

March 2012 This afternoon, I went to stay with Heston while his Mommie was at an appointment. It was the first time I had been over to his house since he is in his new room, in his big boy bed. He usually says, very loudly, “I ready to get up” after he wakes up. […]

CBS devotion

January, 2012 A while back, I was asked to give the devotion for my Bible Study group about our faith journey we were on recently. We have about 140 people enrolled….. I could never have considered doing this before our journey we took with our Mother in 2010, but now, going back over those weeks and […]

Our Faith Journey from 2010

I have been going through an old blog that I had for years, as I transfer to my new site. I came across this one on my timehop this morning, that I posted 4 years ago.  Ah. the memories. Hard to read some of these words, but always, always, it brings a smile to my […]

Peach Meringue Pie

Summer 2011 When I was growing up, my grandmother would make THE best peach meringue pie. She would roll out her own crust, mix the filing, but…. the best part to look at would be that mile high meringue! It was at least 3 inches high! My Mother could make meringue equal to my grandmothers […]

Good friends

August, 2011 Last weekend, we went to Atlanta to stay with some good, good friends, Bill and Vicki. They were such good hosts, we felt like we were in a Bed and Breakfast Inn! Had a great dinner out, home for dessert then talked late into the night. When we got up the next morning, […]

Afternoon with Grammie

September 2011 Yesterday I picked up my little grandson, Heston, from his daycare, early afternoon, to spend the afternoon with. He was staying with us through dinner and bedtime. It has become our custom, all two times, to stop by the bakery in Homewood and get a treat after I pick him up. Last time […]

Unexpected little gifts

September, 2011 As I reflect on my summer, one hard thing was to say goodbye, once again, to my daughter. Just got her home from Baylor after graduation for a few weeks, then it was time to pack her up again. This time to Knoxville, not quite as far as Waco, Texas, but away from […]

Day trip to Little River Canyon

october, 2011 My son and wife have bought some property near Little River Falls, 5 acres to play on last year. Yesterday they called me early, with my husband out of town, to see if I wanted to ride with them up there to see it for a last minute day trip. Well, I had […]

My sweet Mother

October, 2012 Life has turned to a new normal in our lives. Mother is gone, we have wonderful memories, but life as we knew it with her in our lives, is gone. Life goes on, as it always does and as God created it to do. Most days, are spent with business, that starts when […]

New found wood, new creations

January 5, 2013 So, I had all of that wood that I came home with this week, just sitting in the garage waiting for me to get inspired… and yesterday , it happened…the inspiration came… I pulled out a book that I had gotten by one of my favorite mixed media artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. […]

How much of your life do you want God to change?

I read a great devotion this morning about giving God our all to transform. If we only give him half, that is all He has to work with.  Really gives me something to think about today…. just how much am I giving Him? Shortly after Jesus was baptized, he attended a wedding reception in the […]

Sunday thoughts

February, 2012 When I would hear someone say it will get easier with time when you lose someone special to you….. I wondered to  myself if there was any truth to that..Now, in my life, where I am 1 1/2 years after Mother died,  I am determined never to say that to someone who has lost […]

Christian Boot Camp, part 1

March 2, 2012 I had a great day today. A day of new friends, new journeys and new understandings of what writing is all about. I had the opportunity to go to a Boot camp for Christian authors. I went wondering if I was qualified to be in a room with authors. After all, I […]

Parables of the Kingdom

March, 2012 We have been studying Matthew in church and today , David was talking about parables and why Jesus used them. He was revealing truth to those who were believing the mysterious. This was evidence of God`s mercy Jesus was concealing truth from those who were denying the obvious This was evidence of God`s […]


March, 2012 Yesterday was a beautiful day with several lessons to be learned for me. I was excited to be having Heston over for the afternoon while his Mom and Dad went to the movies. I had planned several things in my mind to do with him while he was here and after his nap. […]

The Great Physician

 March, 2012 Recently, I have been humbled and privileged  to  follow some precious people on their faith journeys, as God leads them.  Some of them are people that I have known, others are new friends. I hope that I  have the opportunity to meet these new friends one day, but until then, we may just remain internet friends!. But for […]

Baby Shower favors

April, 2012 I have found some awesome ideas on pinterest for all sorts of things. This particular day, I was looking for ideas for some favors for a baby shower. I found these little shoes and thought they would be perfect. You could do the usual blue or pink, if you know the sex of […]

Baby Johnson is on her way

April, 2012 I have been excited to be included in helping with a baby shower for Lisa. Many ideas have been found through pinterest! I have shared a few things that I was working on but now, we have the real things… the pictures from the shower. It was a fun night for all and […]

Angels and Friends

April, 2012 I have been working on some paintings using old sheet music for various parts… wings for angels or dresses made out of the music. It is near to my heart as I use these old pages, because they belonged to my Mother. I love to do things that remind me of her. I […]

Our little redhead turns 4

Four years ago, today, our oldest son and his wife, Tom and Rebecca, became parents, and we became grandparents!! It is the grandest thing , when you enter into this stage in your life, to see your baby holding his brand new baby. It has been an action packed 4 years…. For the first three […]

A Mother`s letter to her daughter

I have just found this letter, written 38 years ago, by my sweet Mother…. What great advise that she shared with me… Dear Jane and Tommy, You are starting on a long journey that will last throughout time and eternity if you are true to one another. Marriage is one of the most important events […]

Baskets of Silver

I picked up a book yesterday entitled, “Baskets of Silver”. I noticed that my Grandmother`s name, Adelyne McMahon, was in the front of it with the date, May 1955. She had read and underlined parts of it with pencil. I have come to realize that you can tell much about a person when you see what types […]

Grieving comes in unexpected ways

This is a post that I had written in an old blog on January 1, 2013. Thinking of these families today, 3 years later, how their lives have changed so much since then. I started this new project for me, to draw the faces of the children and teachers that lost their lives in that […]

Taking a trip down memory lane

I found this entry from an old blog that I had a few years ago. Loved reading the memories written a few years back.  Just recently, we have planned a get together for some childhood friends with Anne and me. Jane and Gail Patterson lived beside us for 6 years and our families became best […]

Christmas night, 2011

All the time and effort that has been spent getting ready for today, is behind us. Special gifts thought about and gotten together to give to our loved ones, have now been opened. Gifts galore….gathering of family and friends, brunches, lunch, dinner, naps, stress of getting everywhere to see everyone…. it has all come to […]

Remembering the children and teachers of Sandy Hook

This is an entry that I wrote over three years ago, at the end of 2012. That was when this horror happened. Here is my account of that time. As I was sitting in church on Christmas Eve, listening to a group of young children sing, “Away in a manger”, my thoughts were going to […]

The Blue Robe

January, 2012 It has been 13 months since Mother died. A whole year has passed and then some… There are days when I can go easily without tears, still remembering her but in a good memory way. We have almost finished clearing her house of her things, but the basement still had a section of […]

Fathers Day, 2011

As this weekend has come, once again, I think of my sweet Daddy. It has been 37 years since he died, but he is so missed, still… This year has been a hard one. My heart still aches as I rememeber Mother. That loss is so fresh and hard to realize. As we heard the […]

Pretty in Pink

July, 2011 You can tell that I am a bit partial to pink! As I was at a baby shower this weekend in Atlanta for little Brooke Starr, it reminded me of the pink shower we had at my house a while back. I dug into my pictures and found these. It was a great […]

Dear Gaga

Missing my Mother… 2011 Dear Gaga, You would love to see all that is going on at your house. Spring brings new life and that is exactly what is happening at your house. Brent and Lacy are lovingly adding new looks, new style and new life into your house and your would really like it.. […]

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year!! 2011 has arrived… As I wake up this morning and think about all the resolutions that are being made, it makes me think about true resolutions, ones that count, that need to be made, life changing resolutions that we can make. I came across this prayer in a book by Catherine Marshall […]

New Chapter for the Lazenbys

August 2011 This past year has been a year of many firsts for our family. We are still adjusting to life without our Gaga and Papa. We still miss them everyday but as we miss them, we remember. We remember all the memories of special events, special trips or get togethers, we remember just being […]

My Gaga and me

December, 2011 This past year has brought big changes in our lives as I have mentioned on here before. My mother, Gaga, went home to be with the Lord last December, 2011. This Christmas I tried to do something for each child that would be a good reminder, a memory, for them with their Gaga. […]

December 2010

Good bye 2010, Welcome 2011 As I am sitting here this morning, watching the activities on TV, getting ready for the big celebration tonight for the world, I am drawn back to reality in my own life. Our celebration is a different kind of celebrating. My family is celebrating the lives of two very special […]

Heston Christening

This morning was the big day for Heston. We all got up early to get to Trinity to catch him sitting in the parlor, all smiles with his light-up hammer. He was certainly the center of attention with all the family gathered around smiling down at him. He just looked from one person to the […]

Trying not to get blogged down by “busyness”

It is my talk to my Bible Study girls each year, not to get so lost in the busy-ness of the seasons to lose focus on what is important. Each day is a gift that we wake up to. We have to make a decision what to do with it. Do we make it count […]

Happy 1st birthday Heston!

Heston`s Birthday We have officially celebrated Heston`s first birthday. It will be hard for Rebecca to top this one in years to come! The decorations were beautiful, the food was great and the company was great!! The entertainment for the day was the famous “cake bashing” and it was pretty funny. I think Heston enjoyed […]

New Eyes!

New eyes!!! January 14, 2009 Yea!!! The second of my two eye procedures was done this morning. Tom and I had to get to the office at 6:00a.m., which meant we had to leave our house at 5:30, which meant we had to get up at 5:00a.m. !!! I actually woke up at 4, anticipating […]

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas!! Christmas has come and almost gone. It was a great day here at our house. We woke up early when Heston decided it was time to get up. After he ate a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit, it was time to check out what Santa had brought at the Lazenbys. Of course, […]

First blog post, December 2008

Flour, sugar and eggs! Well, I finally have started a blog for Gracie and me. Gracie was started about 4 years ago at my kitchen table. It was just a thought that got put on paper and has grown with new designs on my note cards each year. I have tried to move into the […]