“Expressions” by Jane Lazenby

New book including artwork and stories woven with grace. This is a book, creatively designed with Jane`s artwork, photographs and scripture knitted together to draw the reader into deeper spiritual truths.
Jane has a passion to connect to women and young girls through her art and stories. She hopes to share encouragement and inspiration to those who read her stories.
This hard copy book with a beautifully designed dust cover is available to ship.


Sherri BurgessAuthor, "Bronner-A Journey to Understand".
"True beauty grabs us and hold us encaptured until its imprint is permanently etched into the deep, deep parts of us. There from those memories comes "Expressions". Jane Lazenby paints stories with brushstroke and pen to awaken those moments of connection, love, family, friendship, and faith etched into the fiber of our lives. Her stories and paintings are our stories reflecting back to us from these beautiful pages helping us to remember. "
Laurie StroudEditor of Christian Family Magazine
"If you have a love for art and an inspiring story, you are in for a special treat when you pick up artist and author, Jane Lazenby`s new book, "Expressions- artwork and stories woven with grace." It is a narrative of pain and process, of beauty and beholding. The coffee table style book is filled with 40 plus short stories, each with a painting and a powerful footnote from God`s word. "I enjoy painting expressions and emotions that go with stories I have written", explains Lazenby adding, "I have a desire to connect with other women through my art and to offer encouragement and inspiration. " Chapters like "restored by His love", Pressed and Refined", Sweet whispers of Grace", and "Repurposed", will pull on your heart strings while sharing with you the poser of God`s grace. "