The Art of Encouragement

As this new year began, like everyone else, I was trying to think of a word that could be mine for the year.  After thinking about it, I kept going back to a phrase instead, “Art of encouragement”. These would become my words for 2022.

Why Art of Encouragement?

“Encouragement” – the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope. 

For this year, as I think about new projects, I want to filter any ideas through these words. How can my art be used to be an encouragement to others? How can I create resources that help you encourage those in your life who need encouragement? These are the questions rolling through every idea and every dream this year.

I am excited to be collaborating with Lindsey McGehee on the first collection of 2022: “Contagious Attitudes” series. We have created scripture cards that feature affirmation words to go with original illustrations, in a unique abstract way with a soft color palette. The back of the card features a scripture that highlights the affirmation words used. We hope that this set will be a unique and intentional way to encourage you and help you encourage others in this season.

We also have created some really cool abstract journals to match. Three of the original designs from the scripture cards are used on the front of these journals  They are 8.5×6” and are filled with 50 blank pages, front and back, to start journaling all of your hopes and dreams. A great way to encourage with these is to buy a three-pack, keep one and give two away to friends.

Why Contagious Attitudes? 

Contagious- “to spread from one person to another by direct or indirect contact. An emotion, a feeling, likely to spread and affect others”

Your attitude is how your approach everything in life. Attitudes are truly contagious. A good attitude can help set a positive tone for the rest of the day. We have a choice each morning, regarding the attitude we will embrace that day. Attitudes are outward displays of what is in our hearts. “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” Phil. 2:5 

So, with art and encouragement at the forefront of our hearts this year, it is our hope and prayer that this collection will not only boost confidence but will be an encouragement as they are reminders of God’s love for you.

Remember you can change the outcome of your day by merely changing your attitude!


A little more about the collaboration with Lindsey: 

When my brother and wife had their first child, we drove to Atlanta to meet her. Our first conversation was shortly after her birth as I got to hold her for the first time. We had many days playing over the years, blueberry picking adventures, and even days of arting together.


The years passed and I have had the privilege of watching her grow up into a fine young lady,

She is married now and has a big girl job as a graphic designer but has graciously given me some of her lunchtimes to collaborate on this project of ours. She is a dreamer and a doer and has an amazing future ahead of her. 

So, thank you, Lindsey, for seeing my visions and for dreaming with me!