Mod podge letters with Heston

April, 2012

My little grandson, Heston , just recently spent the week with us while his Mom and Dad were out of the country. He was sick the first half of the visit so we did a lot of sitting around, watching movies. The second week, he was back to normal, enjoying all that life has to offer! One morning, after the ritual of french toast and apple juice, we did a little art project that I had been telling him about. We cut out pictures from Dollar Store books of his favorite characters. ( We bought three books there, two were school type book with activities but plenty of pictures on the front and back and on the pages to use. The other one was a coloring book with the Green Lantern and friends all through it.) I bought cardboard thick letters from Hobby Lobby of his name. They were regular $1.99 each but when I found them, they were on sale for $.99 each. So $5 for the letters and $3 from the Dollar Store and we were ready to get started.

He picked out the pictures that he wanted to use, according to the sizes we needed, then a little glue, and mod podge (I love that stuff) and they were ready to dry. After they dried, I painted the sides of each letters …. orange. He has a new room at home and orange is the accent color. He loved to look at the finished letters and point out the characters. I think they will look neat on his wall in his new room.

Picking out the pictures
Getting the letters ready to glue
Almost getting finished with the gluing

Finished letters that are drying before we paint on the mod podge…    A fun afternoon with little red!!

Have a great day,

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