If it doesn`t bring you JOY, get rid of it

1 Jun 2015 Family

My sister and I talk about getting rid of our clutter all the time.

We used to save things for the children in case they wanted it one day. All of our children have grown up and have their own things and their own taste and their own places… they have taken things from our houses over the years that they wanted. Still, the house is over flowing with STUFF. Enough STUFF, that it is really beginning to bother me. I tell myself that I will use this week, or this month, to take one room at a time and go through it… But it is easy to say, having the energy and time to actually start, is another thing!!

Truly, as I have gotten older, the urgency has gotten bigger in my mind, to actually do this. I can do it!! I tell myself that…… but another day goes by and it isn`t done.

What is in the back of my mind is how we went through Mother`s house 4 years ago. Every single thing was pulled out, talked about and either given away to someone who would love it, tossed away, or brought home to our houses. In my mind again, I am thinking, who will want to do that for my entire house one day? I have entirely too much STUFF to expect anyone to do this and what is special to me, may not be special for anyone else . So it is up to me to get this thing started.

Anne told me she saw a show about cleaning out the other day. The lady said to take each thing and ask yourself, “Does it bring me joy?” if it doesn`t, then get rid of it…
That sounds harsh, but I like it.. That has become our new slogan. She found an old stool that was her Kevin`s when he was little. It was old and not good for much, but she told me that she painted it and is using it outside to put things on and why? BECAUSE IT BROUGHT HER JOY TO KEEP IT!!!

Ha!! It is already happening. We are beginning to get it!

So, today, I started. I started in our office, that actually started out to be Tom`s office, but my STUFF has found it`s way in there. So, I emptied all the shelves that were mine, and went through them. I have a huge garbage bag full of things that I no longer need or want, but that others have no need for them either, so in the garbage they go. The next step was a bit harder. Stacks of instruction books from over the years when I was doing different things. Lots of tole painting books, or patterns, or wood cut out books and other things. I thought it would be easy to get rid of them since I no longer use them.. But then, as I looked through each one, I mentioned to Tom that they still kind of give me JOY to look at… Yep, harder than I thought.. but do I need them any more? probably not, but the only way I could get rid of them is if I found a home for them where they would bring JOY to someone else!!

1 (2)

This book above, is the one that I fell in love with the muslin collar on the front of the book. Yep, I know, but remember it was about 20 years ago when those were in style! I made Lara a few of them and she even wore it several times. You see, this book has memories for me. But do I need it? probably not…

Another stack of books, that I loved at one time but no, I do not need them anymore. Sadly, it is just like saying good bye to a part of your life . A part of your life when you did need them and they did bring you joy. Oh, to walk in the store and find a new book that I just had to have. was pure joy… at the time!!

So, in writing this down, it helps me know the direction I need to go in.. JOY
or no JOY?!! that is the question for each shelf, each drawer, each room I go through. No, it will not happen over night, it will be a process. But at least I have started.

Hopefully, I can find a home for my books quickly before I change my mind!!
If you are interested, email me @ tomelz@aol.com !!

Awww… already feel better…
Happy cleaning, and again, choose JOY!!!

Have a great new week!!

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