Partnership with Emma Hope

This past summer I met with Emma Hope, a pediatric cancer patient that I had been paired with for an event.


Ateam Ministries here in Birmingham, hosts a fund raiser each February called Heart 2 Heart.   They have local artist who partner with these pediatric cancer patients, for a creating partnership. We meet and work on a project together. The artists then create their own painting. The finished projects will be auctioned off at the even in February.



She was 5 years old when I met her, full of energy and life with a beautiful smile. We met at my home, worked for several hours on her project.








We did a lot of creating during that visit.



This was my painting that I was showing Emma Hope as she was leaving…

She had told me when we first met that she wanted to do something that had princesses, horses and butterflies in it. and PINK…. she loves pink….



So, my painting mirrored her loves…

Now, with the paintings done, interview behind us… we wait for February 6, for the big night. She told me that she and her mom were going shopping soon to find the perfect dress for her to wear! I know she will look like a real princess that night.

Now, she is 6 years old and has gotten a great report from the doctor with clear scans. So we are thankful she is doing so well and look forward to her bright future.


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Have a wonderful new week!!





  1. Very nice work for this worthwhile project Jane, good for you.

    1. thank you Christine.. I hope you have a great week. See you next week in Sunday Sketches!!

  2. Fab creation,beautifully coloured
    Donna xxx

    1. thank you Donna!! happy new Week to you!!!

  3. What a wonderful project, Jane! And what a lovely painting reflecting all the things Emma likes. I wish her a full recovery. 🙂

    1. thank you Serena! I hope you have a great new week!! see you next week in Sunday Sketches!!

  4. Lovely painting and what a touching story. I hope the auction goes well and great news that Emma had a good scan result.

    Happy SS x

    1. thank you Helen!! I appreciate your kind words! I hope you have a great new week!!!

  5. what a fun project!! the painting is amazing!!

    1. thank you Sue!! hope you have a great new week!!

  6. Oh gosh, I am simply covered in goose bumps reading this precious post. What a blessing you must have been to that little girl. And as always, beautiful painting filled with your creative heart. 🙂

    1. you are sweet, Alexandra. it was a privilege to be a part of it all. The big night is coming up in two weeks when they auction off the paintings! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful new week!!!

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful experience for both of you. I was so happy to see that this precious little girl continues to do well. Such a special way to share your art and your talents.

    1. aww… thank you Ginny, I feel honored to have participated in it this year. It is a great ministry that they have going, with fund raisers all during the year to help house the families of these pediatric cancer patients while they are in town for treatments.. Nice to be able to help in a small way when they are going through so much.
      I hope you have a great day!!!

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