Distressed barn wood, ah, the possibilities

I have talked about getting bucket fulls of barn wood recently from my DIL`s Dad, who lives on acres outside of town, with a barn that he is redoing. That leaves lots of unwanted pieces, that he has kindly given me.. I could be busy all year working on them! I pulled out a few of the ones that were distressed the most and guess what I did on them? ANGELS!!!  always, angels on my mind…. LOL…. they all are a bit different but alike in the fact that they each have a face and a white palette knife wings…..

This first one is done on the absolute most distressed piece that I could find. You can see the grain of the wood going across the front… hard to detail on those grains, so this one just has light features, with her eyes closed…funny the distressed wood, is very light.weight… as this piece is..


then…. this little girl… she was fun to do… she had a few hair colors before we decided on this one!! but her background is left natural and the two holes on the top of the wood where the nails had been pulled out, make great spots for the leather ties to hang up.




then, this bigger one, with her beautiful gold cross necklace… She is a bit older than the other girl… and her wood is a bit tattered too, but she is confident of herself and loves to inspire and make others smile with joy….



that was all the distressed wood for the day. I will get some more ready soon… I am trying to paint things up this summer and put away for a November Christmas show I am doing with two friends, JoAnne and Lisa.

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Have a wonderful new week!




    1. thank you Christine!! have a great new week!!

  1. Oh those are gorgeous, I love them so!

    1. Thank you Lisa!! thank you for coming by and commenting!! have a great new week!!

  2. great combination of peaceful angels with the ruined/wrecked wood 🙂

    1. thank you Jennifer! Yes, I love that old wood!! thank you for coming by to comment! have a great day!!

  3. I love what you are doing on the old distressed wood. I have a collection of it from a barn at least 100 years old, but am afraid to try painting on it. If you have the time I would love to know if you prepare the wood with gesso or something and then use acrylics. If I had a bit more confidence, I would give it a try. The old wood is beautiful in my mind and your pictures are awesome. Have a happy week. genie

    1. Oh my goodness Genie!!! that wood you have, what a find!!! Don`t be afraid, you can`t mess anything up that you can`t paint over!!! Yes, I usually use gesso to paint over the image that I am using.. Sometimes I outline what I am doing with a white colored pencil,, then gesso.. Just because the wood soaks in the paint so and this gives it a base to build on. then I use acrylic paints to color it in. It usually takes several coats, just wait until it is dry and try again… then I spray a fixatent over the design to protect it or you could use gel medium, and paint a light coat over it. I hope that helps you to be inspired to get started!! the cool thing about wood is that it doesn`t lend itself for much detail, unless it is really smooth, so you don`t get caught up in trying to do such tedious work… I am looking forward to seeing what you create!! be sure to let me know!! have a great day and thanks for commenting…

  4. I love the texture and how vivid your color is!

    1. thank you Vagrant… Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a great day!!

  5. Hi Jane, beautiful angels on the wood pieces, what a great idea. I love angels too and yours are wonderful painted.

    1. thank you Marijke. Yes, angels are fun to paint, and I love finding old wood to use… you should try some of yours on it.!! thank you for stopping by to comment. Have a great day

  6. Jane, these are beautiful. You’ve come such a long way! I LOVE LOVE the first one. So beautiful, gentle and sweet in spirit. 🙂

    1. thank you , Alexandra, for your sweet comments… I like to think I have come a long way, these last years!! But still, I feel there is more room to learn and grow!! but look at you!.. wow… what a great ride you have been on, since that first time I met you!! It is going to be a great journey for you… thank you for stopping by to comment. I hope you have a wonderful new week!!

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