Christmas in July, for real

 July, 2013

My two friends, JoAnne and Lisa, and I have been on a marathon few day of creating. We all love to create and we all agree that it is much more fun to do it with friends. It is more than just working…. we talk, we encourage, we laugh, we plan, we eat, then we talk some more. It is a therapy session at its best form, and we even have the benefit of doing some projects.

It is not really clear when exactly this project was  planned…. it was sometime during our get together where we were having a jewelry making day! During the course of the day, we thought it would be fun to do some of these compound on wood pictures. Then, we took it a step further and mentioned it would be fun to get a table at the Christmas Shop this year and mass produce them… What? mass produce? Is there enough time? Would we be able to have enough to make a good display? What would we use for the display? when is the show? How do we price? Yep… lots of questions but not to worry, we just dove right in with our first decision….. our next meeting!

We take turns bringing goodies for lunch, because we realize the importance of having a fun lunch to look forward to !! and they have been delicious, if I do say so.! We tote our supplies upstairs to my sewing/craft room, which has now become a compound on wood room. We bring out the 5 gallon pale of compound mix and get it on the table for us all to use. Then.. the fun begins… we get our tools and start creating … we have decided on three themes for our table… Angels, crosses and nativities….. we don`t let any of us vear off the path, just stick to those three…

After the first day, we are amazed at our hard work and what we were able to accomplish on that first marathon day.. We had done almost 50 different pieces…

We had to let them dry, then put a coat of sealant on top and wait for our next get together which happened to be today…. we started at 8:30 today and finished up at 4:30 with the second and third steps done on all of them plus a few more new ones…
here are a collection of our angels….
   here are some of the crosses and………
the nativities are starting to take shape….
I love this big half circle that JoAnne did. It is one for over the mantle and it is beautiful!!

These are some angels we did on old antique brown serving trays that must surely be antiques cause I remember using them when I was a child!!

Then we did some with music placed on the wood pieces before we did the picture. We did several of the angels on these …
So, that was it for the day. We left, already looking forward to our next meeting to finish up the project, hopefully.. We need to finish painting then… the triple glaze… LOVE the triple glaze!!!
Have a great week!

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