Hot Chocolate bar


I have seen a few ideas of hot chocolate bars from Pinterest recently and decided that I wanted to have one in my den. I am a huge lover of all kinds of chocolate so this seemed appropriate for me to have to finish off my decor for the Christmas season. The quest was on to find the right glass containers! I found a few at Hobby Lobby and used a few that I had and came up with enough for my marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and candy canes. Next, I found an old frame that I had in the basement. I painted it a pewter color, distressed it a bit then waxedit with some Annie Sloan wax. I had an old piece of mat board that I cut just the right size and painted it with chalk paint. I had not used that before and was amazed that when dried, it actually was like a chalk board! Pretty cool, whoever thought of that!! I found some chalk and wrote my message on it.

As I was going to the post office the other day, I drove right by the Boy Scouts Christmas tree lot and noticed in the dumpster, there were all sorts of cut tree limbs and tops sticking out. So, I pulled over, got a few branches and headed home, trying not to look around to see if anyone was looking !! I don`t think I was doing anything illegal but still felt funny grabbing from the dumpster! I wanted some pine branches to finish off my display and these worked perfectly!! My first opportunity to try out my new bar was tonight when Heston came over to spend the night. I called him in the kitchen to help me make the hot chocolate mix. Remembering back to all those years that my Mother and I made this at Christmas time, was a good memory…. So, the tradition has started again…

I got out all of the ingredients, powdered milk, cremora, chocolate, powdered sugar, and we were ready to get started stirring…

After all the stirring was done, the mix was ready to add to the water and go into the microwave to heat up. You put 3 heaping tablespoons in the cup and fill the rest up with water and you are ready to go… Then…….. the fun begins…. We went to the hot chocolate bar, got the necessary toppings for our hot chocolate then… enjoy!!

Bath time, piggy back ride upstairs to bed, a few stories, a quick drink, prayers, then the little one is all tucked into bed and has fallen asleep, I am sure, dreaming of Christmas!! Have a great week!


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