October week in Dallas

This week, Tom and I were able to go to Dallas, for a much planned and anticipated trip. The week they moved in August, Tommy asked if we might be able to come help out while Rebecca was out of town at a family wedding.  So, Tom had a bit of business out here for a few days and the rest worked out nicely. As we arrived on Wednesday night, the house was decorated with all the finest of Halloween and October decorations. Many things I noticed, were items given to them over the last years. Some, even were used in my house when the kids were smaller and I decorated more. But now, it made me happy to see them with new purpose and to be able to be used for many more years…

I was impressed with this project  that the boys had done with their mom. Loved the decoupaged pumpkin look! They had taken lots of magazine words and pictures and put them together. Made for a colorful display…


I usually bring my sketch book along and watercolor travel packs, so when it is quiet at night, after bedtime or during naps, I brought it out to sketch. This one just started as a sweet little witch but then grew as more things were added around her..


Then the fun coloring part began with the watercolors and the detail with the fine line marker. The colors dont show up quite as bright with no scanner but here it is…finished


As Leif was sitting with me one morning, and Heston  was in school…. we had a bit of time, in between watching Toy Story, to draw. He wanted a Mickey pumpkin. So, the thought began with Mickey in the middle.. then… “draw Mickey, Grammie, draw Pluto, Grammie, draw Woody, Grammie, draw Goofy, Grammie..”. and on and on until the page was filled with his requests…


Then the next step when he went to bed, watercoloring….


This is as far as this one has gotten. I will have to highlight and detail it when he goes to bed tonight… But this is our project so far…

Just one more day, then back to Birmingham., but it sure has been fun visiting Dallas… with the boys…. Glad to get to see Rebecca tomorrow night before we leave on Tuesday..

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Have a great new week!!

Love, Jane


  1. Nice work with your collaborator ????

    1. thank you Teresa! I appreciate your comment!! I hope you have a great new week!!

  2. These illustrations are just fabulous!!!

    1. thank you so much, Nicole. Thanks for coming to visit.. Have a great new week!

  3. Those decoupaged pumpkins look wonderful…well done to the boys!

    Loved your sketches, as always….what fun!

    1. Thank you Serena!! I hope you have a great new week!!! thanks for stopping by to comment

  4. sounds like you are having a great time 🙂

  5. Lovely sketches Jane! Your grandkids are so cute!

    1. thank you Christine! thanks for visiting! I hope you have a great new week. See you next week!!

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